Attempts to catch a porcupine ended with an animal attack

Although this information sounds like a description of an action movie, it was confirmed by the officers and volunteers of the Animal Protection Society, who caught a porcupine in the priest. If the story is not interesting enough, it is still unknown where the pet came from and to whom it belonged.

A porcupine has been running around Bielsk Podlaskie for several days now. According to Gazeta Wyborcza, he was seen among others next to the bridge, in the park and near the train station. One netizen managed to photograph a frightened animal escaping along the sidewalk. As it approached, the animal grew its thorns in preparation for the attack.

Porcupines are able to take out their spines at high speed, thereby injuring the attacker. Such a height can dig very deep, and therefore these mammals are deadly. The news about the porcupine spread across Bielsk Podlaskie like wildfire. More and more people saw it.

– It was a few minutes after midnight. We sat with friends in front of the monument to Pope John Paul II. A colleague at one time said: I either suffer from hallucinations or a porcupine walking down the street – says Daniel Jakubovich, a resident, in an interview with TVN24. – I was surprised, but not so much as I would have been, if I had not read in the local media ahead of time that a porcupine has been running in the streets for several days. One to read it and one to see it live. I told my friends that the animal should be caught – he adds.

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