Attack on the Capitol |  Prince Harry has warned the Twitter CEO

(London) Prince Harry warns Twitter chief executive ahead of the January 6 Capitol riots, a social media platform used to create political unrest in the US capital.

Harry made the remarks Tuesday while attending an online misinformation group in California. He said he shared his concerns via email with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey the day before the riots.

“Before January 6, Jack and I had sent emails warning him that he was allowed to organize a coup on his platform,” Prince Harry told the RE: WIRED technical forum. “This email was sent the day before, and then it happened, after which I did not ask anything from him. ”

Social media sites have been criticized for not doing enough to stop the spread of misinformation and provocative content, and Donald Trump’s attack on the U.S. capital is not just one example. It is generally alleged that large technology companies place growth and profits above public safety.

Prince Harry has accused other social media sites such as Facebook of misleading “billions of people” with misinformation about Govt-19 and climate change. He also targeted YouTube, claiming that many of the videos that spread misinformation about Covid-19 violated the site’s own policies and were left online.

“And worst of all, it was shown to users by YouTube’s own suggestion tool, rather than what the user was actually looking for,” he said. “It really shows that it can be stopped, but they don’t want to stop because it will affect their results.”

Harry and his wife, Megan, announced that the Duchess of Sussex would step down from state office in early 2020 and move to North America, citing the British media’s unbearable intrusion into their privacy and racism.

Megan Markle, former star of the American series “Suits” (“Suits: A Pair of Two”) in Quebec, married Prince Harry, grandson of Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle in May 2018.

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