Atlas (2024) – review and opinion about the film [Netflix].  A new trip with Jennifer Lopez?

When we talk about Jennifer Lopez, we most often think of her appearances in romantic comedies or the hit songs that have won the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

However, this time Lopez decided to surprise her viewers by playing the main role in the Netflix series “Atlas.” This movie was meant to be more than just another sci-fi.

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The star is once again on the front line, this time facing an AI rebellion. Does this futuristic “thriller” live up to Hollywood standards? Will Lopez prove his acting skills again? I invite you to review without discount.

Atlas (2024) – Movie Review [Netflix]. Plot

Atlas takes us into the near future, where the boundaries between human consciousness and artificial intelligence are blurring. The main character, Atlas Shepard, played by Jennifer Lopez, is a data analyst with extraordinary intuition. He lives in a world where artificial intelligence is ubiquitous and irreplaceable in everyday life. The plot focuses on an unexpected development when an advanced robot named Harlan (Simu Liu), who was supposed to help humanity, begins working against him, becoming the world’s most wanted terrorist.

The plot accelerates when General Booth (Mark Strong) and Colonel Banks (Sterling K. Brown) recruit Atlas to find Harlan (Simu Liu). However, not before they incapacitate another robot named Casca (Abraham Popoola). Atlas gets information from Casca, paving the way for a mission to capture Harlan on another planet. The mission, led by Colonel Banks, is filled with tension because he believes he understands Harlan better than anyone else. He will realize his mistake very quickly, and Atlas, She is initially skeptical about the technology (Harlan raised her as a child), and unexpectedly during the mission, she is forced to team up with the AI ​​to stop the rebellious machine. Throughout the film, we see the heroine struggling with her fears and emotions, while trying to understand the motivations of artificial intelligence.

Atlas (2024) – Movie Review [Netflix]. the acting


Jennifer Lopez as Atlas tries to bring her charisma to the film, but her character is limited by a poorly written script and predictable dialogue. It often feels like Lopez has little to do except act out emotional scenes in the cramped space of a robot cockpit. simu Liu as Harlan doesn’t have much to do, and his character is more caricature than menacing..

Sterling K. adds: Brown, as Colonel Elias Banks, brings some drama to the film (actually, at one point), but his character also suffers from a lack of depth. Despite these limitations, The actors try to make the most of their roles, which is rare, but sometimes they do it well​.

One of the film’s strongest points is the special effects. Director Brad Peyton is known for his amazing productions, and this time he brings us amazing action scenes and amazing space landscapes. The battles of robots and futuristic technology are very well done and are eye-catching. Unfortunately, even the best special effects can’t make up for the script’s flaws​.

Atlas (2024) – Movie Review [Netflix]. Unintentional humor


One interesting aspect of the film is its unintentional sense of humor. If you tackle a comedy, you can get more enjoyment out of it. The scenes in which Atlas orders coffee or the moments in which Lopez fights with herself in the cockpit add some lightness to the film and make it easier to watch. Of course, take this with a pinch of salt​.

“Atlas” addresses important topics related to artificial intelligence and its potential threats, but it does so in a very superficial way. The film tries to be a serious sci-fi drama, but it lacks a deeper message. Compared to other movies about artificial intelligence, like Ex Machina or Blade Runner, Atlas pales in comparison. It feels more like a children’s fairy tale than a good sci-fi movie.

Atlas (2024) – Movie Review [Netflix]. summary

“Atlas” is a typical example of a Hollywood blockbuster – big names, huge budget (over $100 million) and amazing special effects. Unfortunately, it lacks depth and an intelligent approach to the subject. However, for fans of the genre and for Jennifer Lopez, this might be interesting Informal entertainment. However, it is worth taking it with a pinch of salt and not expecting too much.

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