Atlantis promises to be a great strategy, but there is one hitch
July 22 2022, 13:47

Beautiful graphics, extensive gameplay and interesting variety. The city of Atlantis seems to lack anything of interest for fans of economic strategies. If not for a small problem.

Atlantis city It promises to be an interesting proposition for fans of economic strategies in ancient realities. The production, which was revealed a year ago, grabbed attention with a nice trailer that you can watch below.

How Atlantis sank (no)

The basic assumptions of the game do not differ from the scheme known from CaesarAnd the Zeus: Lord of Olympus And many other economic strategies. As ruler of the legendary city-state, we will rule ten provinces, and ensure the proper functioning of Atlantis.

The player will have to be careful not only about internal matters (access to water, food, education, etc.), but also about invaders from the outside. We will be able to establish various relations with other countries by sending commercial or military fleets.

An interesting mechanic would be a reference to the legendary fate of Atlantis. During the game, you will have to expand the city in such a way as to reduce the risk of the city sinking under the sea waves. If implemented correctly, this type of survival sauce can make the game stand out from the competition.

Atlantis city Will be released on computers in the undetermined future. Which unfortunately leads us to a troubling nuisance.

Atlantis promises to be a great strategy, but there is one hitch - Illustration #1

A tsunami will come, but where is the city of Atlantis and other unplayable economic strategies?

The hidden invasion of Poland’s “builders”

Although it is not visible on the game card on Steam, the actual publisher of the title is Polish PlayWay. Hence the existence of teasers Atlantis city on me Company’s YouTube channel. This one is well known—so let’s call it—original, but not necessarily high-budget productions. In itself, this is not a complaint, as these titles include many successful games, incl. plural Flipper House.

More worried about it PlayWay has many products similar to Atlantis city. They are to be in production three announce opinions series buildersThere are economic strategy cards on Steam that have or have a very similar name. It includes, among other things Mythos: Build and Survive (previously Mythos: Slavic builder) And the Viking City Builder (It was theoretically published by Titan GameZ studio, but PlayWay released the trailer for the game).

Such a huge number of similar games might elicit associations with an army of clones. What’s worse Each of these items – including Atlantis city – Not only is it not released, but there is also no exact release date.

Stay tuned for updates

The developers from Gambit Games and MeanAstronauts also have a lot of games in the pipeline. The former has completed the strategy so far aircraft carrier survivalwhich met with a mixed reception in steam.

It is also worth noting that from advertising Atlantis city The developers have not published any new information about the project. Therefore, at the end of last year, some users steam I wondered if the trailer was a concept show and not an actual game.

True, the creators immediately confirmed that the project has been created and players should check out the news Discord channel for publisher. If there have been any updates about it since then Atlantis city

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