Astronomical events for 2021. October in the sky.  Orionids.  Full moon hunters.  the Dragon.  Jupiter, Saturn

October will bring a lot of interesting astronomical phenomena. In the first half of the month, a swarm of Draconids and several connections between the Moon and the planets of the Solar System awaits us. At the end of October, let’s prepare for the maximum rain from falling stars and the first autumn full moon.

In October, fans of astrological sights will certainly not be bored. What will appear in the sky? Check out what to watch out for this month.

flock of dragons

Between October 6 and 10, we will be able to admire a swarm of Draconids, also known as Giacobinids. These meteors will reach their peak on October 8. Draconids are associated with the constellation Dragon and are derived from Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner.

Moon conjunction with Saturn

On October 14, we will have a conjunction between the Moon and Saturn. Conjugation occurs when the celestial bodies and the observer are aligned. The phenomenon will start on 9.08. It will be visible in Warsaw from 18/06. Objects in the sky will reach their highest point at 7.41 pm, and will cease to appear at 10:45 pm. This phenomenon can be seen with the naked eye or through binoculars, unless, of course, obscured by clouds.

Heaven in OctoberPAP / Maria Samczuk

Moon conjunction with Jupiter

A day later, on October 15, another conjunction will occur, this time between the Moon and Jupiter. This phenomenon will start at 12.02. From Warsaw, it will be visible from 6 pm, 15 degrees above the southeast horizon, when it begins to get dark. The celestial bodies will reach their highest point in the sky at 20.38, 22 degrees above the southern horizon. You will be able to monitor it until 00.14. In this case, the naked eye will suffice if the weather is good.

full moon Full Moon Hunters – October 2021

On Wednesday, October 20, the full moon awaits us. The full moon of October is called the hunters full moon. The name comes from the time when, after the end of the harvest, it was necessary to replenish the supply of meat before winter. Then the fishermen went hunting. Other names for this fullness are completeness of flight and completeness of withering or dying. The maximum phenomenon awaits us at 16.57.

Full Moon – When is the full moon in 2021? What is a blue moon?

Orionid Swarm. When the rain is the maximum for the falling stars

In October, we will also be able to watch the rain of stars falling in the sky. It’s all because of the Orionids, related to the flight of Halley’s Comet. These meteors are active from October 2 to November 7. The maximum falls on the night of October 20-21. This year, however, this phenomenon could be affected by the full moon – a natural satellite flooding the night sky with glow.

The change of time to winter is coming soon. When do we rearrange the clocks?

Orion (PAP / Adam Ziemienoicz)PAP / Adam Zimenovic,,

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