Astronomers have discovered clouds on a planet far from the solar system

WASP-127b is an exoplanet that was discovered in 2016. The object is about 520 light-years away and is very close to its star. So much so that one “year” lasts only 4.2 days. Scientists decided to look at the atmosphere of this gas giant.

Astronomers get data from Hubble Space Telescope and an ESPRESSO device with VLT. Thanks to this, it was possible to get some Atmospheric details of WASP-127b. It turned out that the results were so accurate that the structure of the upper layers and even . was obtained Cloud height.


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Photo: David Ehrenreich/University of Geneva, Romain Allart/University of Montreal


Wasp-127b compared to the solar system

Observations of an exoplanet made it possible to detect Sodium and the effects of water vapor. The exact composition of the detected clouds is unknown, but scientists do claim that there are water droplets there. Science amateurs and students can order cheap custom research papers online with all the core information on WASP-127b. This info will help them to develop studies for all the world.

WASP-127b is a gas giant larger than Jupiter. Despite this, the mass of an exoplanet is only 16 percent. Planet mass of our system. In addition, the world rotates in the opposite direction to the movement of the star and at a large angle. Scientists want to study this organism more closely in the future.

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