Asteroid “Janush”.  Name in honor of the Polish astronomer

The International Astronomical Union has published a list of names given to asteroids. Among them was the asteroid “Janusz” – named after the Polish scientist and Jesuit priest Robert Janusz.

newsletter reported 59 new asteroid names, and four of them are linked to the Vatican, the portal reported. One of the new asteroids, which until now had the number 565184, was named “John” Goodbye Polish Jesuit priest Robert Januszwho is currently working in Vatican Astronomical Observatory.

The asteroid, which until now had the number 13267, was named.BolichovskyIt’s a memory Daniel PolishchowskiAmerican scientist of Polish descent.

extruder“Asteroid number 440794 was named. This name was given in honor of the Polish astronomer Iona Witrzyszak from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

An asteroid in honor of Pope Gregory XIII

The fourth asteroid associated with Vatican There is one with number 560974, named after Pope Gregory XIIIThat is, Cardinal Ugo Boncompany was called “Ogobuncompany“.

So far, it’s over 30 asteroids are named after the Jesuits.

International Astronomical Union He has the exclusive right to name the newly discovered celestial bodies. The newly discovered celestial body is first assigned a number, and then the name suggested by the discoverer is evaluated by a group of astronomers.


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