After the fifth round of elections, Roseanne Archibald, a native of Taekwondo, Ontario, was elected Speaker of the First Nations.

She became the first female leader to be electedAPN.

Reginald Belleros conceded victory after the fifth round because Ms Archibald received more votes than she did, without getting the number of supports needed to win.

Mrs. Archibald received 50.5% of the vote, and her opponent received 35.5% of the vote in the fifth round.

Results of the fourth round:

  • Roseanne Archibald: 206 votes (50.7%)

  • Reginald Belleros: 129 votes (43.3%)

In the third round candidate Alvin Fitler withdrew, who chose to stand in line behind Roseanne Archibald.

After much thought and consultation with my family and adults, I decided to support Roseanne ArchibaldMr. Fitler wrote on Twitter.

You need to recognize how important it is to be guided by a woman in the current situation.

An excerpt from:Alvin Fitler

Alvin Fitler (Mascrat Dam) and Roseanne Archibald (Taekwondo Thirst ou) were members of the First Nation in Northern Ontario.

Mr. Fitler Nishnavbe is the Outgoing Grand President of the ASCII Nation, while Mrs. Archibald is the Regional President of OntarioAPN Before the election. Glenn Hare replaced him in June.

Third round results:

  • Reginald Belleros: 144 votes (40.3%)

  • RoseAnne Archibald: 129 votes (36.1%)

  • Alvin Fitler: 64 votes (17.9%)

  • Jodi Kalahu-Stonehouse: 20 votes (5.6%)

Reginald Belleros has been President of the First Nation of Moscow in Saskatchewan since 2005.

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