Artur Wichniark criticized the Polish actor.  "It's definitely a big problem."

Artur Wichniarek in an interview with Marcin Lepa referred to Nicola Zalewski’s situation. The Roma player took part in the event, the registration took place online.

Zalewski is going through a rough time. Two weeks ago, the footballer’s father passed away. Krzysztof Zalewski has been suffering from cancer for years.

The rest of the text is below the video

Therefore, the 18-year-old was not called up for the upcoming matches of the Polish national team. The footballer remained in Rome and went to the party. It was recorded online and has a wide resonance in the football community. Artur Wichniarek evaluated the behavior of the young player.

It’s definitely a big problem. A professional footballer from a club like Roma behaves the way he does announced.

Hopefully Nicolas isn’t the one who smokes… He’s supposed to appear on the green grass, he doesn’t smoke the grass – added.

These are youthful mistakes, but they are unforgivable at some points. Sosa in contact with Mourinho? Yes it can be. Souza didn’t call Zalowski for obvious reasons, he just wanted to give him time – confirmed.

Here, the little boy’s answer is not entirely professional. We’ll see how Mourinho reacts. It would be a shame for the young player. We’ll see how he gets out of it himself, because it won’t be easy – Been completed.

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