Artur Parsis complained to Iona Pavlovic.  Now she's apologizing

In these pages, I would like to apologize to Mrs. Iona Pavlovic for my words to her in an interview with Onet– On this way Artur Parsis He started a blog post on Facebook, in which he officially apologized Iona Pavlovic to pronounce v Friday interview for Pleiades. Let us remind you that the actor, in an interview with Michał Misiorek, brought back memories of his participation in “Dancing with the stars‘, which he started in the spring of 2010. On one occasion he stated that he regretted his performance on TVN, and summed up the entire adventure asPainful pressure and a lot of humiliationHe explained his regret by the fact that “He used to be told by someone that he was hopeless and put him in three“.

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Artur Parsis publicly complained about Iona Pavlovic’s assessment. Now she’s apologizing

He also mentioned in an interview that he was suffering Serious foot injuryHowever, he nevertheless decided to dance his last dance. He stated that Iona Pavlovich, who evaluated his actions on the dance floor, pointed out his other mistakes, although she knew about his health problems, she simply insulted him. Artur Parsis stated:

On Thursday evening, Artur Parsis published an official apology on his personal Facebook page. He repented of his statement and wrote:

in the end He hoped Iona Pavlovic would accept his apology.

Artur Parkes has bad memories of Iona Pavlovic’s “Dancing with the Stars”

Artur Parsisio’s statement on “Dancing with the Stars” from Friday’s interview in the Pleiades has been widely covered on the web. After the last episode of “Fact”, Iona Pavlovich asked what the actor had to say. “Black Mamba” was surprised by the confession of a former participant in “TZG”. She couldn’t believe he actually said that, then she added:

“You have to calculate the rating, otherwise it will be very wrong Justice. How many couples are on the dance floor, this is how many couples can pull the L4 and say: My thigh is twisted, my calf hurts, my head hurts. If he said that, it would be no Justice. But I do not think that he will express himself in this way … ”- she added.

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After the storm broke out online, we watched all the episodes of the eleventh edition of “Dancing with the Stars” with Artur Barcisio to check out how Iwona Pavlovi evaluated the actor’s performance. She confirmed since the first episode that the participant does not have a good dance technique, but she makes up for it with her personality and acting skills.. For seven performances by Artur Barcicio and his partner, Paulina Bernat, more broadly evaluated four of them. After the first dance – Cha Chi – she said:

Photo: Andras Szilagyi / MW Media

Artur Parkes in Cha Chi

a week later too Artur Parsi drew attention to the inadequate style of dance in the fast step, but appreciated his great understanding of the role he played on the dance floor.. Iona Pavlovich rated:

Photo: Andras Szilagyi / MW Media

Artur Parkes in a quick move

Foxtrot, Arthur Barcicio’s fourth competition dance, technically did not impress the jury either. However, she mentioned that he raised the quality of the show again with his acting skills. She said:

Photo: Andras Szilagyi / MW Media

Artur Parsis in foxtrot

Arthur Barsisio’s last dance in “Dancing with the Stars” was a rumba, which he mentioned in an interview with the Pleiades. After the performance of the injured actor, Iona Pavlovich said:

I danced in a funny way because…the rumba was as bad as the dance and actions and what always happens run out [Galińskim – red.] We want. But in all this evil you were playing with rhythm. Usually when you dance poorly, you dance evenly. You were accelerating, decelerating, stopping, and spinning crazy. It was really interesting. One of the criteria in Rumba is the distinction between rhythms. (…) There were some things that got me excited. I confess that I (and I pass it on to your acting) will bow my head to you, for you are an excellent actor, and therefore with this poor rumba, you are dealing with …– She added.

Photo: Andras Szilagyi / MW Media

Artur Parkes in Rumba

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