Artemis mission.  The Orion capsule has successfully returned to Earth.  "She's already home."

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billions of dollars to return to the moon. Why do we need the Artemis mission? [Next Station]

NASA announced the success of the mission on social media by posting a video of the landing.

“After 1.4 million miles in space, orbiting the Moon, and collecting data that will prepare us to send astronauts on future missions.” Artemis“The Orion capsule is our home,” NASA said.

The capsule touched down off the coast of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula around 9.40am local time (about 6.40pm EST). landed 300 miles south of the original landing site. NASA had to change the location due to weather conditions. There were strong winds and strong waves off the coast of California.

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Upon entering the atmosphere at a speed of about 40,000 km / h to hour Orion’s heat shield rose to about 2,800 degrees Celsius. St. C at an altitude of 7.6 thousand. meters, parachutes were released, slowing the fall speed to about 160 km / h. The capsule was traveling at about 32 km/h when it hit the water.

There was no word on damage to the ship. The capsule is now being retrieved by the US Navy ship USS Portland.

“Orion floating on the water will be tied to the ship’s crane by divers, and after drying it will be placed on a specially designed platform and transported to Earth. NASA rehearsed this whole process for the last time at the beginning of the week,” – described Bartomeg Pawlak, journalist from

Artemis I mission. NASA plans to land a man on the moon again

The SLS rocket carrying the Orion capsule launched into space from the United States on the morning of November 16. Thus, NASA officially launched the Artemis I space mission which was the third launch attempt rocketsThe previous two were canceled due to engine problems.

The main goal of the Artemis I mission is an unmanned flight to lunar orbit and the safe return of the Orion spacecraft to Earth.

If reentry and spraying goes according to plan, NASA will be on track for the Artemis 2 mission, which will send the first astronauts into lunar orbit in more than half a century. Artemis 2 is scheduled for May 2024, and Artemis 3 – its goal is to land on Silver. Globe – for the year 2025.

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