Arnold Schwarzenegger allegedly punched an actress in the face in 1999

Miriam Margolis said that Arnold Schwarzenegger had ‘a frown on his face’ during the filming of the 1999 film. End of days.

The outspoken actress, well known for her restrained television interviews, appeared on a podcast when asked who her favorite co-star was. I have news for you She shared her gas story from

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“Schwarzenegger, I don’t like him. He’s a little too into himself,” she replied.

“He was really rude. He slapped me in the face. Well, I slapped too, of course, but I don’t whistle in people’s faces. He did it on purpose, just in my face.

The supernatural horror film stars Schwarzenegger as Jericho Kane, who must stop Satan from claiming Christine York, played by Robin Tunney, as his bride.

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Margoyles plays Mabel, Satan’s sister, and fights Kane in one scene.

The Harry Potter actress said Schwarzenegger got over her gas problem when she took a break while filming the scene in LA, and 20 years later she still hasn’t forgiven her gas moment.

“I played Satan’s sister, and (her character) killed me, so he made me lie on the floor in an inescapable position. And he thrashed,” she recalled. “It wasn’t in the movie, it was in a break, but I don’t forgive him.”

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