June 7, 2023


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Are you buying from Allegro? Scammers want to take control of your bank account

CSIRT KNF warns of a new phishing campaign in which scammers impersonate e-commerce platform Allegro. At the same time, they send SMS messages to Poles with a link to a fake PayU site that manipulates confidential data.

The Polish Financial Sector’s Computer Security Incident Response Team posted a warning on Twitter about the “on Allegro” scam. Attention! Criminals are sending SMS impersonating Allegro_Group. The link they are sending leads to a fake website that is stealing e-banking passwords. Stay alert! Dangerous website address: https://placonline5121[.]info ”- writes the KNF CSIRT team.

In the content of the letter, we can read about arrears of several zlotys assigned to a specific Allegro account. Scammers also write that as a result of non-payment, the account will be blocked. Meanwhile, the link in the text message leads to a fake PayU site. Entering it could lead to loss of confidential data and passwords, which scammers can then use to take over access to a potential victim’s online banking services and their account funds.

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Allegro thanks you for your vigilance

Allegro referred to the warning issued by KNF CSIRT. In response to the Twitter entry, the service wrote: “Thank you for the mention. In such a case, when you receive a suspicious message from people impersonating Allegro, forward it to us – using the option [prześlij dalej jako załącznik] or [prześlij dalej] To phishin[email protected] – We’ll handle it right away! “.

Konrad Siwick, journalist at Dobreprogramy.pl