Float Apokawix Live from the Gdynia Festival, everyone’s eyes are wide because Xawery Żuławski He pulls aces from his arsenal. Forgive me for the high-quality rhymes, I just wanted to relate to a few bird speech, the director’s previous film, which was a kind of manifesto and a love letter written to his father. Many viewers may then have fallen back on the set expression style, but fortunately uławski didn’t stop. In the new image, he wreaks havoc with lyrical perforation lines and shows that even a film with a strong texture can stand up to the rest of the competition in the main competition with success. Polish cinema needs a breath, especially – forgive the truism – in these difficult times. Sometimes it is good to talk about climate catastrophe and the polarization in society through cyanobacteria poisoning people and zombie lovers who set off in a brawl between feuding groups.

Xawery Żuławski’s language – this is the famous treatment of the here and now, a verbal feast on current topics – flies with an imagination full of ideas and excitement that come to mind of what he might come up with in the future. He is an artist ready to make entertaining cinema, far and very conscious, but in a very positive sense of the word. There are no cheap jokes in this genre, because, despite it being a comic, the apocalypse of the same name is treated with dignity. It is no coincidence that the last battle between a youth and an adult man cut himself off from the outside world. Żuławski doesn’t give up what’s in his liver, but because it’s not easy, maybe it’s worth it to go crazy?

The film tells the story of a group of high school graduates who are sick of the pandemic and decide to organize the party of their life on the seashore. Despite the alarmingly high concentration of cyanobacteria in the Baltic Sea, the first total solar eclipse in a thousand years, and strange cases of infection, young people do what they do best – partying, drinking alcohol, making love. Fears will likely come and everyone will deal with them in their own way, but it is now and there is no point in thinking about tomorrow. However, could they be surprised? After sitting at home for so long, they can finally make up for lost time by tuning their bodies to the beat of Grubson’s music. Anyway, one could risk stating that Żuławski’s poetics in this film is a bit like the next line from the rap piece: Dance as much as you can, because you don’t know how much time we have left.

The algebraic aspect of the film seems very strong, which is somewhat consistent with the elegant entertainment Apocalypse. Żuławski is not afraid of his similar craftsmanship bird talk Some may consider it a defect. Especially since not all gags are effective, but fortunately the whole thing is unabashedly written and I think young people will be happy with how they are portrayed on screen. Perhaps the older generations will turn their noses, but the Zets and later millennials (and I belong in that group) may not even realize they have a smile on their lips for the duration of the show.

The plot is not particularly complicated, but the actors made the most of it. The rookie cast who can predict a great future does it brilliantly. They look like people who just picked up their clues and feel good in their roles that were minimally accurate through some personal drama. The second plan also maintains a high standard, and here is a special applause Sebastian FabijanskiWho was somewhat similar to a character from the Mad Max series i Cesare BazoraWho seems to enjoy the company of a young crew.

There are certainly weaker moments in Żuławski’s film, like some of the gags mentioned above, but the attempt to introduce sad undertones is also weaker. There comes a moment when the characters have a moment to say a few harsh words to each other and it just feels like they’re stuck together. When the music fades away, that’s not the best thing about Żuławski’s movie, but when the decibels jump again, we have one hundred percent new and original fun. I managed to make a real frenzy on the screen and despite two hours there is not a single moment of boredom, which is not very evident. There’s a lot of self-awareness here, dealing with things at a distance, and I don’t want to complain about the way this stress is being put on the footprint of certain groups. The genre aspect is cool, and I will remember the “vege zombie” joke for a long time. The issue of humor and the convention of zombie movies (which is sometimes just an add on) will always be very personal, but I’m glad to see the evolving trend of Polish-type cinema might not end there.


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