Apartment prices rose for the fourth consecutive month in August.  Interest increases due to lower interest rates and lower WIBOR

The Urban.one index developed by Centatorium for “PB” and Banker.pl rose 0.5 points to 108.54 points in August. “This is the highest upward jump since January 2022.“- he writes daily.

Housing prices don’t stop

This growth is primarily driven by the Warsaw market. In the capital, the index value increased by 0.66%. In other major cities, growth was 0.35 points slower.

Most senatorium experts expect so Apartments will continue to rise in the next six months. Two-thirds of them expect this. Every fourth believes that prices will stabilize. Only 8 percent remain optimistic and believe that there will be cuts.

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what is important, Offer prices for apartments have increased in almost all regions Markets researched by analysts as part of the quick index. In Warsaw, prices on the primary market rose by 5.3%. Compared to July, while from the secondary market by 4.9%.

As for the primary market, the highest price increase can be seen in Poznań, where the first owners had to pay 11%. more. However, buildings in Łódź and Gdynia became cheaper, which was linked to the introduction of a greater number of cheaper buildings into the supply.

Low interest rates and WIBOR are encouraging

Supply cannot keep up with demand. Senatorium experts, citing BP, confirm that construction of approximately 18,000 square meters began last August. Apartments. This is 11 percent. Lower compared to the previous monthBut at the same time, by 39.4 percent compared to August 2022

However, demand is still high. In the last month of the holiday, banks granted 13.3 thousand. Housing loans – according to BIK Bank data. This is 98.6 percent. More than 12 months ago.

– Lower interest rates in September and lower WIBOR increased the creditworthiness of the average person. Higher wages and lower unemployment rates, coupled with slower inflation, make Poles more willing to take out housing loans. The impact of the 2% secure credit program launched by the government is also important, as it stimulates the market significantly. The improved market situation supports an increase in the prices of properties offered for sale Both in primary and secondary markets – explains Małgorzata Wełnowska, Senior Real Estate Analyst at Centatorium, quoted by “PB”.

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