Anton Sestopad died.  He was the hero of the Ukrainian Air Force

Ace Ukrainian Airlines Anton Sestobad Died in the fight against the Russian invader – Informs of Ukrainian Pravda. He was one of the best pilots in the Ukrainian Air Force.

His death, among other things, was reported by Volodymyr Werkacic, a representative of a government organization dealing with war veterans. Ivano-Frankivsk High School, from which Łystopad graduated, remembers it with pride The pilot led an air show over Kyiv to mark the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence in 2021.

“Our defender, our hero, has completed his last journey,” Werkałec wrote on social media.

in 2019 Łystopad participated in military operations in eastern Ukraine. In the same year it was recognized as The best pilot in the Ukrainian Air Force.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he was engaged in defensive activities since the beginning of the conflict. A few days before his death – August 7, President Volodymyr Zelensky mark it A request for courage Third grade.

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