Antoine Bertrand: "It is difficult to write a good comedy."

In I love what you doA French comedy written by Philippe Guillard with Gérard Lanvin and comedian Artus, Antoine Bertrand portrays a local filmmaker through methods.

“I knew I had to have my function in Philip’s film Comic relief. It was another annoyance in Gerard Lanvin’s career as he was caught off this ball by Artus. Descriptions: Gerard Lanvin plays Gerard Lanvin. He is gearing up to play a French resistance fighter in an American blockbuster set during World War II.

Arriving at the shooting location, the producer introduces her to the new director played by Antoine Bertand, while she meets Momo, played by Artus, a big fan who is annoying. The relationship between actor and director is not simple. During an interview with the QMI agency, the actor explained, “Gerard doesn’t understand what he’s saying, and I’m directing him a bit playfully… somewhere between playful and incompetent.”

Antoine Bertrand was free to add and change some of his lines, and he didn’t hesitate, especially when he pointed out that Gérard Lanvin didn’t quite understand his accent. “I want to give them their medicine again, the French sometimes mention that we have a problem with our pronunciation. But we hear less of it. Yes, I try when I’m there. Sometimes, you don’t want to repeat everything 20 times, but they are very open and a lot more. Trying.”

“When I’m there, I don’t misrepresent myself,” he noted. And I think it’s important not only to spoil myself, but also to bring them a color from home, which is what they want.

A fan of visuals

I love what you do Antoine offered Bertrand the opportunity to spend a month in the south of France, living with Philippe Gillard, Gérard Lanvin and Artes. “I set aside opportunities to meet new people and get a change of scenery. My career is well aware of where it’s going.”

What interests him in a role is “the script all the time,” which he unhesitatingly responded to as we see it now Arlette By Mariloupe Wolfe. “That’s always the story. If I start the story, my score doesn’t matter. When I climb, I climb. I want to play a small role in a good screenplay as much as I do a big role in Dub.

“Writing good comedy is difficult. All the time good, what’s said, what’s true, what’s not much of a caricature, etc. Doing all this is really not easy. I’d be lying if I said playing with Gerrard wasn’t part of this journey.

Frankly, watching Antoine Bertrand portray a director in such a fun way, we can’t help but wonder if he’d like to get behind the camera one day.

“It inspires me all the time. Sometimes I coach friends for auditions, and I love it. What I love about directing is finding ways to bring a point of view to someone without playing a role. It forces you to “psychopathize” an approach. Yes, I always aspire to, But as I get older, I realize more and more that I am an actor. I am not a comedian, not an improviser, not a singer, not a director, not an actor. That’s what I wanted to do since I was 4 years old and that’s what I’m doing, I’m not short of work, Often asked At some point, I say to myself: Hang in there.

I love what you do It hit theaters on Friday.

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