Ant-Man 3 - Scott Lang will not be a "filler" in the MCU, nor will any "add-on to the Avengers"

Ant-Man 3 – get ready for this movie to be massive in every sense of the word. its manager, Peyton Reed, just gave an interview to Entertainment Weekly, in which he revealed some details about next year’s production. The creator firmly emphasized that his on-screen story would become a spectacle of flesh and blood, and he himself “broke down the door on this field.” Kevin FeigeHe’s tired of treating Scott Lang as some kind of “filler” within the MCU:

People used to feel like: Oh, Ant-Man, Addendum, or rinsing the palate after the Avengers movies. On my third production, i decided i no longer wanted it to be considered a palate rinse. I want to do something as big as the Avengers movies.

Later, the director, step by step, shed new light on the individual characters. Here’s what she says about Casey Lang:

One of the most exciting topics for me as a director is Scott’s relationship with his daughter. Cassie is now a young woman who has embarked on her own adventure with science. I read all of Hank Pym’s articles and notes, and completely absorbed the quantum technology aspect.

On Kang the Conqueror, Reid adds:

This is one of those immortal Marvel villains like Loki or Doctor Doom. In the comics, he controls time, traveling through its streams. But in the movie, his situation is a bit different – he doesn’t exist in the same linear way as we do, he just doesn’t work from birth to death. (…) Why did you want to bet on Kang? always reminds me Othello – There is this character, Jago, the most complex level of character. There are few things he wouldn’t be able to do.

And this is how the director talks about a mysterious figure Bill Murray:

He plays a character from Janet van Dyne’s past. One of the main themes of the movie is family secrets, things that even the closest people don’t tell about each other. (…]The past can be left behind, but it can always find a way to come back to us. And that’s what Bill is in our film.

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Movie Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Obsession It will premiere in cinemas on February 17 next year.

Entertainment Weekly

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