Another snow load.  Possible paralysis on the roads

Thursday showed that even a small amount of snow in theory could spoil county roads. Many closed roads, broken trees, no electricity, these are just a handful of what we had to contend with (see article). According to the site Meteo CrosnoFriday will give us a repeat.

There will be no precipitation in the early part of the day. In the early afternoon, a moderate snowfall will begin moving over the area from the southeast. Precipitation will be heaviest in the late afternoon and early evening. In the early part of the night, precipitation will head north with a westward bias. According to the graphs, the snow cover is currently there From 10 to 20 cmby Saturday morning it will rise to approx 40-45 cm. The wind will also intensify, blowing from the north with gusts 60 km / hcause blizzards.

Meteo Krosno appeals to be careful and to avoid traveling by car if not really necessary. It is certain that many roads in the province will be closed, and there will likely be problems with the electricity supply.

Winter will be with us for the next few days. True, the snow cover will not change much, and the temperature will fluctuate between – 5 and 0 * degrees Celsius.

Source: Meteo Krosno

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