April 2, 2023


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Another railway investment in Greater Poland.  It should be more convenient and safe

Another railway investment in Greater Poland. It should be more convenient and safe

PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA has signed contracts with contractors for the rebuilding of pallets in the amount of PLN 11 million.

Reconstruction of platforms in Książno, Miłosław and Orzechowo (rail line No. 281 Oleśnica – Chojnice) will ensure greater comfort in traveling towards Września or Jarocin.

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Modern platforms will be higher and make it easier to ride the trains. For the expected comfort, there are shelters, bright lighting, reading panels and display cases with useful information while traveling. There will be guided trails on the non-slip surface, useful for the blind and visually impaired. Easy access to the platforms will be provided for passengers with difficulties in moving through the ramps – Bartosz Pietrzykowski from the press office of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKP).

PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA will carry out work in Książ with more than 3.4 million PLN. In accordance with the signed agreement, the investment will be carried out by a consortium of ZRK DOM and E = R = G Polska Sp. z oo robotics will be implemented in Miłosław for more than 3.6 million PLN by Alusta SA and Compremum SA, while in Orzechowo, INFRAKOL sp. z oo sp. k. For more than 3.7 million Polish zlotys. All projects are part of the “Government Program for the Construction or Modernization of Railway Stations for the Years 2021-2025”. Travelers will benefit from all the effects by the end of 2023. – He adds.

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In the Wielkopolskie voivodeship, the above program includes 13 localities in the basic list. New plants or platforms upgrades are planned in Białężyce, Piła (Piła Fabryczna), Bożacina, Golina, Koźmin Wielkopolski, Krotoszyn, Książno, Miłosław, Obra Stara, Orzechowo, Radlin, Patrzyków and Słupca.