March 21, 2023


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Another injury to the Germans before the match with Poland

Another injury to the Germans before the match with Poland

Hendrik Wagner was due to join the German national team, but his coronavirus test came back positive. The quarterback will not play against Poland.


PAP / EPA / Pictured: Alfred Geslason, German coach and players in the background

The joy of the 24-year-old, who unexpectedly received a call, was short-lived. Hendrik Wagner is a German second division player for TSG Lu-Friesenheim on a daily basis. Coach Alfred Jeslason called him to Bratislava after… he was found injured by a German captain, Julius Cohn.

It is not known whether the nearest Polish rivals will reach the next player. At the moment, Sebastian Heymann will be mainly responsible for scoring goals from this sector in the absence of the left winger players.

Wagner is a player with great throwing potential. Heymann is trying to replace Kuehn, he’s said to be a great talent, but in my opinion, he doesn’t fit into high-level meetings yet. Germany may regret the loss of Cohn, who has played better recently, especially after changing Melsungen’s coach, ex-coach of the Polish national team, Piotr Przybicki, who is currently working in German second division VfL Luebeck-Schwartau, analyzed for us.

The match between Poland and Germany will start on January 18 at 18.00. First place in the at-risk group.

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