Another horror movie with Azoty.  It was hot in Block

It was very soon again! Azoty Puławy One step away from the surprise, Orlen Wisła Płock barely saved the victory after excitement.

Marcin Gorczynski

Orlen Wisła Płock . players

Press materials / PGNiG Superliga / Pictured: Orlen Wisła Płock . players

It’s hard to count how many times Azoty came to the Orlen Arena as a candidate even for silver, and came back with their heads down. Ironically, prior to this journey, belief in success was strongly strengthened by… the defeat to Łomża Vive Kielce. No Polish hero has been afraid like this for a long time.

Since Azoty is stuck with the residents of Kielce, why not break the Vistula? Those who expected another Premier League show were not disappointed.

Some water passed into the Vistula River before the people of Bulawi began to seriously threaten them. The first half was jerky, sometimes tormented by the attack. Although unhappy, the attackers took advantage of some mistakes and came out on the counter.

Watch the video: #dziejesiewspsport: She looks like a model. “Polish” blood!

For Azoty, the game really started after the break. We don’t know what happened in the dressing room but another team took to the pitch. Mikai Jureki arranged the movements while the professor distributed the balls to the circle. The people of Bock looked puzzled. Dawid Dawydzik worked with the body, and as a reward he received an on-demand order. Goriki focused his full attention, and even Alexander Bachko entered the circle. Electric Impact – The first nine minutes won in a ratio of 7:2 and with a slight lead.

Wissa is left in the cloakroom in her mind and needs someone to set a good example. This person was Dmitriy Zytnikov. The Russian has barely returned from injury and is already a captain. threw, assisted, and gained speed; Almost like… Jurecki in Azoty. Sergei Kosorotov was not as dangerous from a distance as he was a few days ago in the Europa League, but at least he scored from a penalty shootout.

Without playing a big match, Wiswa took advantage of Azot’s many losses and took advantage of at least some opportunities. To put it mildly, Puławy’s right-wing midfielders, especially Rafał Przybylski, did not have their day. The Polish representative was late in defense, there is no need to hide – in attack he was the weakest point of the team (next to Boris Zivkovic). Andrij Akimenko ran on his side, who, in turn, released the machine from Pulawy again.

The Ukrainian hit the edge three times and the temperature approached the boiling point. Azoty tied the knot, two minutes before the end, and put the counter into the lead. However, there was no subtlety in the pass to the winger and Wiswa regained the lead. Ten seconds or so before the end, Sergei Kosorotov collapsed in attack and took the lead with a ratio of 27:26.

End? where too. The Puławians carefully prepared the final action, eventually giving Michał Jurecki a forced throw. And hit him irregularly after a while. There was another chance, but the direct free kick was doomed to fail. Nitrogen hasn’t threatened the league dominant for a long time.

Orlen Wisła Płock – KS Azoty Puławy 27:26 (13:10)

Orlen Wisła: Morawski (5/25 – 20 percent), Ahmetasević (1/7 – 14 percent) – Kosorotow 9/6, Daszek 6, Żytnikow 4, Krajewski 3, Serdio 2, Fernandez 1, Mihić 1, Szita 1, Komarzewski, Susnja, Daćko, Czapliński, Terzić and Mindegia
Karen: 6/9
Penalties: 12 minutes (Terzić – 4 minutes, Szita, Mihić, Daszek, Krajewski – 2 minutes each)

nitrogen: Bogdanov (8/23 – 35%), Zemberzeki (2/13 – 15%), Boroki (1/2 – 50%) – Akimenko 5/2, Dawidzhik 5, Bakzko 4, Jarosievich 4, Goriki 3, Przybylski 2, Rogulski 2, Zivković 1, Łangowski, Kowalczyk
Karen: 2/4
Penalties: 10 minutes. (Rogolsky, Zivkovic – 4 minutes each, Zangowski – 2 minutes)

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