Another blow to Kadyrov.  His officers died in Ukraine - O2

According to Ukrainian sources, two policemen were killed in the fighting in Ukraine and were sent to the front. These are Captain Kaimov Ramzan and First Lieutenant Titiev Magomed.

Ramzan Kadyrov sends Chechnya to Ukraine

Captain Kaymov Ramzan and Lieutenant-General Titiev Magomed were formally stripped of Kadyrov’s forces. Glory to the Ukrainian people. Death to enemies – we read on Twitter the Ukrainian officer Anatoly Stefano, a liar. Stirlitz.

According to the “Caucasus Junction” website, Ramzan Kadyrov regularly sends volunteer forces from Chechnya to Ukraine. It also publishes video materials showing the “alleged successes” of its branches and is eagerly proud of the successes that are not mentioned, according to official sources.

On May 18, Kadyrov reported that he had sent about 3,000 Chechen fighters since the start of the war. However, it is not known whether these numbers are correct and if they are much higher. The Chechen leader, like Vladimir Putin, is reluctant to share information about the fallen.

According to official information, 18 Chechens were killed in Ukraine. Some of them were awarded posthumously. A special ceremony was held in Grozny, in which the families of the dead appeared. Three medals were awarded for “for merits of the fatherland” of the second degree, four for “courage” and three medals for “excellence in the protection of public order”.

Together with the head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the North Caucasus Federal District, Sergey Bakhurin, I awarded state honors to relatives of law enforcement officials, and also awarded eight orders to Kadyrov – the Chechen leader wrote in a telegram .

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