Annoying ads will disappear from YouTube, but not all of them

There are few things as annoying as YouTube ads. And although it is a great source of income for this platform, it was unexpectedly decided to abandon one of the formats. Why and what does the service intend to offer in return?

How much can you earn from advertising on YouTube?

Contrary to appearances, ads on this platform aren’t a gold mine for creators — for the larger ones, it’s just a relatively small additional income stream. According to an estimate from a few months ago, it took nearly 3.6 million views to earn the national average under the affiliate program in Poland. This may be a lot of money for some, but the truth is that the most popular and influential YouTubers earn many times over from collaborating with popular brands and selling products signed with their name or nicknames.

Of course, not only creators and users make money from ads, but also from the platform itself — there’s a reason they’re in so many different places and times. There are ways to get rid of them – you can buy YouTube Premium, which costs PLN 23.99 per month in Poland, or use a suitable program: for example, the Opera browser offers a built-in and free ad blocker, which makes me surprised every time there are ads on youtube when I Play some videos via google chrome on PC. I use Opera with adblock enabled on a daily basis.

Overlay Ads will disappear from YouTube

The platform unexpectedly announced that from April 6, 2023, overlay ads – “overlay ads” will no longer be displayed on the videos being played, in order to Improve viewer experience. Most importantly, it is currently only shown in the browser version of YouTube on PC. At the same time, the service notes that this is an outdated ad format, Which annoyed the viewers.

platform ClaimsRemoving overlay ads will have a limited impact on content creators as the move aims to shift engagement to more effective ad formats for desktop and mobile devices. YouTube doesn’t intend to abandon other ad formats – they won’t completely disappear from this video service.


I would not be surprised if overlay ads do not bring the expected revenue and YouTube only covers itself with users’ attention – after all, they complain not only of this format, but also of others, especially since the platform sometimes overdoes them. However, ads will not disappear from this site – unless you buy the premium version or turn on adblock 😉

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