announced plans for the DCU.  series like Game of Thrones and True Detective;  Superman and the new Batman!

officially James Gunn And Peter Safran announced their plans for the DC Cinematic Universe in the near future. The created universe must include films, series, games and animations, so the stories told in these productions are closely related to each other in terms of imagination and set in a single universe.

We read that the gentlemen set up what’s called a writer’s room, where a group led by them developed a large, ongoing story for the DCU cinematic universe. Just like the MCU has phases of the universe, the DCU will have chapters and this is how we get it: Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters. The US media learned the details on Monday, January 30, 2023, during an organized press event.

Gunn explains that one of their strategies is to take the main characters in the universe — Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman — and use them to build new heroes that viewers aren’t quite familiar with. In this way, they want to build something popular and beloved from unknown DC brands.

It was emphasized that not all of the announced projects are part of the first semester.

DCU – Chapter 1: Movies and TV Shows

Commando is a creature Animated series written by James Gunn is already in production. It will contain 7 episodes. This is the story of a group of classic monsters fighting the Nazis. The cast hasn’t been assembled yet, but it’s been revealed that the people hired for this project will have information in their contracts that they will also star in live-action movies and series.

Waller Spin-offs peace maker Viola Davis will reprise her role as Amanda Waller. It was headed by Crystal Henry (guards) and Jeremy Carver, best known as the show’s creator Doom Patrol.

Superman: Legacy A new Man of Steel movie written and possibly directed by James Gunn. It is confirmed that this will not be the genesis of the superhero, but the story of how Superman searches for a balance between being Kryptonian and a man raised on Earth. Safra says: It’s a compliment in a world where it’s considered old-fashioned. The release date is July 11, 2025.

lanterns – The Green Lantern series is a completely new vision, because the project that Greg Berlanti has been working on in recent years has been thrown into the trash. Watching the series is amazing because It’s supposed to be in the style of an HBO hit… detective. Two human lanterns will appear on screen: Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart. According to them, this is the most important series in this chapter, because it plays an important role in the introduction to the main story of the universe.

Authority A movie about a group of superheroes who use extreme methods to protect the planet. It’s based on a 90s comic. James Gunn says the DCU won’t just be a story about superheroes and villains. Not every movie will be about the good and the bad, but they want to introduce many shades of gray here. This movie will show it.

Paradise Lost DCU series in style Games of Thrones – This comparison was used by Safran and Gunn. It’s a story set on Themyscira, the island where Wonder Woman is from. It is meant to be a place filled with political intrigue, intrigue, and power struggles. The story takes place many years before Wonder Woman was born.

Brave and daring – is a project in which Batman, who belongs to the DCU universe, is introduced. James Gunn announced that in addition to Bruce Wayne we will meet Damian Wayne / Robin, whom he calls his “little son of a bitch”. Based on the classic comic book by Grant Morrison, this movie introduces Bruce Wayne’s son, who was raised to be a killer, for the first time. It’s a strange story about a father and a son.

Batman 2 Matt Reeves is confirmed to be getting a sequel to his hit movies. Robert Pattinson will return in the lead role. The release date is October 3, 2025. The official title is: Batman Part II. The movie is not universal.

gold booster – A series created for HBO Max about a comic book hero. Safran announces it as follows: is a story about a nerd from the future who uses basic technology to go back in time and pretend to be a superhero.

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow – A superhero movie based on the Tom King comic book. It’s meant to be a very different vision of Superman’s cousin, which viewers aren’t quite used to yet. The creators have declared that due to her traumatic experiences and different upbringing, she is tougher than Superman and different from known incarnations of Supergirl.

swamp thing Swamp Thing is supposed to be a horror movie and the end of the first chapter of the DCU.

gold boosterBooster Gold / Source: DC

SnyderVerse – What’s next for the cast?

James Gunn calls flash, which will be released in June 2023, is one of the best superhero movies ever. Gan says so bluntly flash Brings back the entire universe, which starts over as the DCU.

He adds with Safran that movie actors flashAnd blue beetleWonder Woman, Shazam! And Aquaman 2 They can continue to play their characters in the DCU. He doesn’t see anything in his plans that would prevent that. including Ezra Miller; According to the DCU creators, the actor has dedicated himself to therapy and is on his way back. On the other hand, they are waiting for a difficult conversation next, and what next in terms of possible cooperation. They explain that at the moment they do not know what stories these characters can use.

They added that they did not want the chain to give the impression that the product was of inferior quality. The format of a movie, series or animation is just a different way of telling stories and they want each to represent quality.

Henry Cavill – Farewell to Superman

There was also the contentious subject matter of Henry Cavill.

“We didn’t fire Henry because he was never cast with us. To me, it’s not about who I want as Superman or who the filmmakers want him to be. To me, Henry’s not just in this story. I love him, he’s a great guy. I think a lot of people pushed him a little bit,” Especially our ancestors in this company.However, this Superman is not Henry for several reasons.

They both also call movies and series outside of the DC Universe the word Designs from ElseworldsIt is a reference to the comics. It has been confirmed that the long-announced project to adapt the Black Superman story will be one of these films and work on it is still ongoing. It also fits this formula Batman 2 And Joker 2.

The duo of DCU creators stress that the key for them is optimizing the scripts to perfection, as this will allow them to avoid superhero genre fatigue. In addition, each project should have a different tone and theme to serve a diverse audience. It’s also been confirmed that it won’t be the Gunnverse, as they want to respect the different visions and different approaches of the creators they invite to collaborate. However, they are meant to be affected by it, so if something doesn’t work, they will honestly tell those people.

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