June 7, 2023


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Annie-Soleil Proteau gives us some news

Annie-Soleil Proteau gives us some news

Many of you may have noticed his absence over the past few weeks. Know that Annie-Soleil Proteau is regaining strength … to our delight!

Having been absent from the Salut Bonjour for a few weeks, Annie-Soleil Proteau wanted to reassure her community. First, through a message shared on Facebook and Instagram, our cultural columnist told us he had been admitted to hospital.

Despite three dose vaccines, Annie-Zolil Proto was infected with the Govit-19 virus after a vacation. Due to the weakness in the lungs – already known – his condition worsened visually.

“One evening, I had a major weakness and I fell. I could not breathe normally, my lungs and heart were coughing as if they were leaving my body, and I ended up in the hospital,” he says.

Doctors diagnosed him with pneumonia and found water around his heart. By her own consent, the last few weeks have been a real roller coaster, which has significantly weakened her.

Despite the fatigue, she makes sure the worst is behind her. “Today, I feel like the hard end is over, I have less pain and can make sentences without suffocation,” he underlines.

Annie-Solail Proto, who has now returned home, wanted to thank everyone who inquired about her condition, not knowing what was happening to her. He also wanted to highlight the enormous workload of workers in the health network.

“I would like to salute the health workers who took care of me, put me in the batteries of the tests and assured me: Thank you! We need you so much. You have my gratitude and respect,” he added.

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It is not yet known when he will resume his role with the Hi Hello Weekend team. One thing is for sure, she is regaining her strength to return to work soon.

We wish him a speedy recovery!