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Anna Markowska pretended to be in an affair with Bowie DeLeg?  speaking form

Anna Markowska pretended to be in an affair with Bowie DeLeg? speaking form

  • On July 2, a joint photo of the 26-year-old model with 51-year-old actor Pawe Deląg appeared on Anna Markowska’s profile.
  • Then there were comments and speculation that Anna Markowska and Bowie Delig are a couple. However, neither the actor nor the model confirmed these reports
  • On Tuesday, one portal suggested that the actor’s relationship with 26-year-old Anna Markowska was created solely “for the needs of the media.”
  • Anna Markowska herself referred to these words
  • More such stories can be found on the homepage of Onet.pl

At the beginning of July Anna Markowska Post a photo shared with Pawel Deląg. In nature, in a relaxed position, with a glass of wine … on the web Back then, rumors were overwhelming that they were united by romantic feelings Most likely they are a couple.

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Participant in the seventh edition of the Top Model program She then wrote that she and the 51-year-old actor were “somewhere in the middle of the universe“Now, there are more and more doubts about the relationship between Markowska and Deląg.

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Anna Markowska pretended to be in an affair with Bowie DeLeg?

A lot of mystery has arisen about the model’s relationship with Pawe Deląg. The actor’s relationship with 26-year-old Anna Markowska was to “meet the needs of the media.”

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These reports sparked outrage in the model who I decided to return to the media coverageThat’s why she was facing so much hate, which she stated in her comment:

“Regarding a relationship with Paweł Deląg, never, but that Never, would I be allowed to offend anyoneAnd The challenge of being with a younger person– The former participant in Top Model started

Photo: https://www.instagram.com/annamarkowska_official/?

Anna Markowska on her relationship with Bowie DeLeg

The 26-year-old also admitted that she does not intentionally show her private life on social media. As there is no intention to explain it.

If someone wants to determine my behavior through a picture, a text, judge my character, because he was sitting at two tables in a restaurant, that’s fine. You have the right to do sobut me I don’t have to explain myselfThat “I’m sorry you misunderstood my life.” I will not talk about my private matters in the media, ”- stressed Markowska.

I don’t feel like I have to explain myself about my private life Also on my social media I don’t show every nook and cranny in my home and life. I think there are a lot of people who want attentionAnna Markowska summed it up.

Photo: MW Media

What connects Pawe Deląg with Anna Markowska?

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