January 27, 2023


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Anna Kendrick went through hell in her relationship: 'My body still thinks it's my fault'

Anna Kendrick went through hell in her relationship: ‘My body still thinks it’s my fault’

Anna Kendrick On the occasion of promoting her new movie, she opened up about her recent relationship which she claims went through hell.

Anna Kendrick experienced relationship violence

latest movie Anna Kendrick “Alice, Darling,” in which she plays the head, tells the story of a woman who has a toxic relationship with her boyfriend. Her partner is a successful young businessman who uses emotional and psychological violence against her. During the promotion of the latest painting, the star found a connection between the role she plays and her private life.

shocking! Anna Kendrick has been dating this actor for a year!

“I was coming out of a personal experience with emotional and psychological abuse,” Anna said in an interview with People. “I think my representative sent me this script because he knows what I was dealing with.”

Anna, describing her past relationship, said:

Anna Kendrick waited a long time to reach her first orgasm, and when she did…

“I was in a situation where I loved and trusted this person more than myself. So when that person tells you that you have a distorted sense of reality and that you’re surrounded and all the things you think aren’t happening, your life becomes muddled very quickly.


“And I found myself in a situation where, in the end, I had the unique experience of discovering that whatever I thought was happening was actually happening. So I had a starting point to feel and recover that not many people have.

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Anna added that after the relationship ended, she took some time to understand “what really happened” in her relationship, adding that she was “The hardest job of my adult life.” Playing a similar role in the movie made it easier for her to get used to the shock.

“My body still thinks it’s my fault,” Anna said.

For the past two years, Anna has been dating Bill Hader. However, it is not known which of his ex-partners he is talking about exactly.

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