Anjelica Huston is 72. “You’re welcome, you deserve it.”

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Born the daughter of famous Hollywood director John Huston and ballerina Enrica Somma, Angelica, who moves in Hollywood circles, had no choice, or maybe she didn’t want to have one at all? She was still in her teens when her father cast her in his film “A Walk with Love and Death”. They had a complicated relationship.

T for my father

– She recalled in “Vanity Fair”. She admitted in her autobiography that Houston, while working on the joint painting, acted as if he “didn’t want her to be the way she was”. She added: “It was very difficult … I felt that he didn’t love me, (…) He didn’t like the way I dressed, the way I looked. He was very critical of all of that”. Years later, it became clear to her that the movie legend demanded more from everyone she worked with, not just her daughter. And that he hid his alcoholism from the whole world.

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She herself never hid her drug addiction. She was introduced to this world through her old partner Jack Nicholson, whom she met at his birthday party in 1973. They partied hard together, despite the actress being arrested for cocaine possession. This happened during a raid on the star’s home. The police also arrested Roman Polanski on charges of having sex with minors.

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