Ania Anna Przybylska movie trailer when it premieres

As we wrote in June – the first parts of the picture prepared by TVP were revealed during the 50th Wokó Kina Forum in Wroclaw and – as the creators told us – they made an “interesting impression” on representatives of the industry, And on the family of the deceased actress. Then it was also announced that “Anya” And the premiere will be held in the festive cinema on October 5, the eighth anniversary of the death of the actress. Two days later, the picture will be shown in cinemas throughout Poland. Polish television officially confirmed the dates on Thursday.

A production poster was also presented, which was shared on social media not only by the creators, but also by people who appeared in the film and remember Przybylska. This is what he did, for example Andrzej “Piasek” Piaseczny. “Well, what am I supposed to tell you that you don’t already know? Maybe the fact that we all hold you in our hearts? But you already know that too. This video is more for you than yours,” the artist wrote on Instagram.

Who remembers Anna Przybylska?

“Piasek” is only one of the artists who had a professional connection with Przybylska and now remembers her in the production of the documentary. The film features a group of Polish actresses and actors. Anna Przybylska is mentioned in the film among others Jan Englert, Next to them she made her debut in Radosław Piwowarski’s “The Dark Side of Venus”, Cesare BazoraWith whom Przybylska played in the comedy “Kariera Nikosia Dyzma”, as well as the actors of the series “Złotopolscy”: Bowie Warzicki, Anna Deriszowska and Piotr Zuidis.

As the producer says, “Anya” is the story of an extraordinary woman, full of warmth and love – a famous actress who left not only her relatives, but also her fans in remorse. “It is a film about a girl who fascinated people with her character and loved all of Poland. The production will contain previously unpublished film materials and memories about the actress’s family, friends and partners” – announced Polish television.

Bandurski and Kuczkowski Make ‘Ania’

The creators of “Ani” are Mikai Bandorsky and Christian KochkowskiAnd the The authors of the documents are titled “Krzysztof Krawczyk – All My Life” and “Maryla. I like it very much. The film’s producer – on behalf of TVP – is Paweł Gajewski. – In my opinion, the film is mostly joyful. Just like Anya. However, there will also be sad, difficult and touching moments, because we all know how this story ended – Krystian Kuczkowski comments. – In our opinion, this poster best reflects what Anya was. Mikhail Bandorsky asserts that she is beautiful, smiling, crazy, intelligent and, above all, loves her family.

In an interview with, Paweł Gajewski emphasized: – The situation in cinemas after the pandemic is difficult, in addition, our film is a document, not a plot, but we believe in this project and that the audience will return to cinemas in the fall – emphasized in an interview with Wirtualnemedia .pl Paweł Gajewski, painting producer.

“Ania” produced by TVP

The fact that TVP is planning a film about Anna Przybylska has been known unofficially since March 2020. At that time, this was announced by the head of TVP, Jacek Korsky:- We are working on many beautiful documents, I think we have a renaissance of this kind. This is the correct investigation of the mission of public television. And in recent years, there were no such documents that four million people could see. There will be, for example, a film about Anna Przybylska, which may go to Cinemas – said Korsky then.

At that time, some media accused the public broadcaster of acting against the will of the family, recalling that several years ago Radosław Piwowarski planned an autobiography on Przybylska, but abandoned the plans for the sake of the actress’s relatives. However, since February of this year. Anna Przybylska’s family collaborates with Polish TV In the production of “Ani”, Sharing archival material and mentioning the actress in film footage.

In 2021, Telewizja Polska عائدات revenue by 7.2 percent. to PLN 3.25 billion, with operating costs increasing by 21.7%. To PLN 3.12 billion, net profit decreased from PLN 198.32 to PLN 3.89 million. this year. The broadcaster expects another increase in revenue, costs and zero net results. At the end of last year Telewizja Polska had 2,889 jobs, an increase of 53 over the previous year. The basic gross salary increased by 6.7 per cent. Up to 10,491 PLN.

* The text uses images provided by TVP

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