Andrzej Duda regarding a number of agreements with China.  “It hasn’t happened yet”

President Andrzej Duda met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping in Beijing. He said after the talks that agreements had been reached on cooperation in technology, science, agriculture and export of Polish food. – An agreement was signed to create a large Polish-Chinese and Chinese-Polish dictionary. He said this had never happened before. The President also held a number of meetings with other politicians.

President Andrzej Duda visits China. On Monday, he met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping in Beijing at the Grand People’s Palace. An official reception ceremony was held for the presidential couple in front of the entrance.

Andrzej Duda: We discussed all the most important issues

When the talks ended, the Polish president summed them up in a conference. He said that among the series of meetings that day, the most important from his point of view was “the individual meeting with the president, which lasted approximately an hour.”

– Today we discussed all the most important issues – he said. He informed that the agreements they concluded today relate to cooperation in the field of technology, agriculture and the export of Polish food to China. He also said that China was canceling short-term visas for Poles.

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Andrzej Duda on the cancellation of short-term visas to China for Poles TVN24

Duda also stated that “by the end of the year, we will have what is called regional structuring when it comes to the possibility of selling poultry in China.”

– For our poultry producers – and we are one of the strongest poultry companies in Europe – this is very important information. He added that by the end of the year, all relevant issues will certainly be resolved and the regional structure of poultry sales will be resolved, pointing out that “we will be the fourth country in the world to have this regional structure, so this is unique.” position.”

Also in the field of scientific cooperation, an agreement was signed to create a large Polish-Chinese and Chinese-Polish dictionary. It is also a breakthrough event in the field of interpersonal relations. He said this had never happened before.

“A very good day in Beijing”

The president said there was also talk of a Russian invasion of Ukraine and “the problems that arise today on our borders due to pressure exerted by the Belarusian authorities.”

– All these issues were presented in detail to the Speaker (Parliament), President Xi Jinping. He continued: We discussed these details during the plenary session and during a private conversation, and I presented to the President our view on the security situation today in Europe and the world, but above all in our part of Europe.

He expressed his hope that China, as a global power and a member of the United Nations Security Council, would support efforts to peacefully end the war started by Russia in Ukraine.

– But above all, I really hope that the end will be consistent with the principles of international law, because they are very fundamental. I have stressed here several times today that we stand absolutely on the position of not changing borders, that borders cannot be changed by force, whether in Europe or anywhere else in the world, that the sovereignty and independence of states must be respected, and that the rule of international law must be respected absolutely. They must be restored wherever international law has been violated.

He added: We talked about our upcoming presidency of the European Union and broad international cooperation. He noted that the delegation-style conversation with Xi lasted four hours, followed by an hour-long face-to-face session.

– From the Polish point of view, this is certainly a very good day in Beijing, especially when it comes to security and economic issues. “Because I am convinced that as a result of the agreements concluded today and the talks held, this change will be very noticeable, especially for Polish businessmen,” he added.

China’s position on the war in Ukraine

When asked what he heard from Xi Jinping regarding his view on the war in Ukraine, Duda replied that the Chinese leader “stressed several times today that China wants peace because it is a country that wants peaceful development.”

– I presented our position and point of view in detail and I can say that we were heard. He added: “I do not want to talk about the details of our private conversation here, because, as you know, it is not appropriate to even talk about the issues that we discussed in detail behind closed doors.”

When asked whether Beijing would join the peace process, he noted that “China acts in its own way” and, like any power, has “its own interests.”

The president also said he informed Xi of the death of a Polish soldier who was stabbed on the Polish-Belarusian border by someone from a migrant group and “the profound shock this has caused in Polish society.”

Duda on China's position on the war in Ukraine

Duda on China’s position on the war in UkraineTVN24

“The second visit to China is very important”

Earlier, when he started the meeting with Xi, Duda said, “The second visit to China is very important for several reasons.” – Symbolically, it is important when it comes to building Polish-Chinese mutual relations and personal relationships. This is the last year of my second term. “I hope that our Polish-Chinese relations will always remain very good,” he added.

– I am happy to be able to contribute to building Polish-Chinese relations. It is important that we cooperate with each other in many forums. (…) I believe that our activities under the EU presidency will be able to contribute to building our mutual relations. “I hope the president will accept our invitation to visit Poland,” he told the Chinese leader.

As the president said, Poland and China have “good diplomatic relations, good political relations, and good personal relations based on mutual respect.” – They have always been like this, and I hope they will be like this in the future – said the President.

Addressing Xi Jinping, Duda said: “I am very happy that thanks to – and it is a great honor for me – that the president calls me a friend, I can contribute to building these relations with the president.”

President Andrzej Duda in China Chapter / Radek Pietruszka

Duda also met with the Chinese Prime Minister

Earlier on Monday, Duda met with Premier Li Qiang. During the conversation, he noted that after assuming the office of president, he went to China on one of his first foreign visits.

Duda stressed that the relations between the two countries are based on respect and recognition, and he hopes that they will remain so forever. – I begin the last year of my presidential term, the last year of my second presidential term, and I am happy that this trip will take place here as well, because for me it is an element of closure for the process of building cooperation between the two countries. Our countries – said Duda.

He pointed out that this year we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Poland and China. He estimated that they had been very good throughout this period.

– Regardless of all the events and winds that blew in the world, and various changes – including changes in the political system, for example in Poland – Polish-Chinese relations have always been built on mutual respect and mutual recognition, which is very important to me. “I would like them to always stay like this,” Duda said.

The President also emphasized that Poland is a country located at the meeting point of roads from east to west. He added: Today, this element is of great importance to me, taking into account the challenges of the modern world, especially the economic ones.

“I care very much that the historical storms and all the difficult war situations that Europe is witnessing today do not hinder the idea of ​​economic cooperation between Poland and China and Poland’s participation in exporting Chinese products to Europe, but also in exporting Polish and European products to China,” Duda said.

“We will develop our friendship and increase political confidence.”

Premier Li said that despite the geographical distance, China and Poland enjoy friendship. He said: – We established diplomatic relations 75 years ago and we are constantly deepening our trust, enjoying fruitful cooperation and having good personal relations.

He noted that in 2016, Poland and China established a strategic partnership. He pointed out that trade exchange in 2023 reached $42 billion. “The situation is double what it was eight years ago,” Lee noted.

– China will be guided by our President’s strategic guidelines in developing relations with Poland. We will work to develop our friendship, increase political trust and enhance economic cooperation. The Chinese Prime Minister stressed that we will also seek progress in our strategic partnership so that our cooperation can achieve more results.

Andrzej Duda in a meeting with Xi Jinping

Andrzej Duda in a meeting with Xi JinpingTVN24

Signed agreements

Five agreements were signed in the presence of the two Presidents: on strengthening bilateral trade cooperation, encouraging mutual investment cooperation, action plan on zoning and regionalization in relation to avian influenza (bird flu), inspection and quarantine. Requirements for grain exports from Poland to China, as well as the development of a Chinese-Polish and Polish-Chinese dictionary.

The recognition by the authorities in Beijing of the regional structure regarding the occurrence of highly pathogenic avian influenza outbreaks is particularly important. Currently, the appearance of the disease in any region of the country leads to a ban on the export of poultry products from all parts of Poland.

HPAI virus infection occurs most often from autumn to spring, which largely coincides with the migration season of wild birds on their way to Poland. Infection of farm birds occurs through contact with the feces of a sick person.

To maintain a country’s disease-free status, three months must have passed since the last disease.

Thanks to the signed agreement, the trade ban related to the emergence of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) will be applied only to areas where the disease has been confirmed in poultry. In this way producers avoid potential economic losses associated with the occurrence of this disease.

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Main image source: PAP/EPA/Pedro Pardo/Pol

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