Andrzej Biały, Ph.D., from Przasnysz, will participate in international conferences

Dr. Andrzej Biały will soon take part in two international scientific conferences. The first – “Poles in Belarus …” will be held in Poland, and the second, dedicated to the history of Mogilev – in Belarus.

The periodic international scientific conference “Poles in Belarus …” has so far been held in the building of the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Grodno. It was attended by 30 leading researchers of Polish issues in Belarus, including Dr. Andrzej Piawy. Due to the international situation, the seventh conference will be held this year in Poland. The topic will be: Polish education in the territory of present-day Belarus against the background of the situation of Polish education in Lithuania and Ukraine. Przasnyszanin will present a paper entitled: Polish Education in the BSSR in the Years 1921-1937. Creation, work and liquidation.

The second of these events is the International Scientific and Practical Conference ХІІI “History of Mogilev: Past and Present”, dedicated to the Year of Peace and Creation. It will be held on June 29-30, 2023 in Mogilev. The topic of Dr. Andrzej Piashi’s discourse is: the policy of the Soviet authorities towards the Polish national minority on the territory of the Mogilev province in the 1920s.

– This month, the publication “Museum of the History of the Polish People’s Movement in Warsaw” will be devoted to “Comparison of the activities of positivist people by Stanislav Czechowski from Mazuzzye (Poland) with Eduard Vojniewicz from the Minsk region (Belarus) “,” Nationalization of property and land in Soviet Belarus under nationalization laws. Last week I received Myśl Ludowa folder No. 14/2022 of the People’s Scientific and Cultural Association, in which there is my article: “The First All-Belarusian Peasant Congress in Minsk, February 8 – March 3, 1926. Preparations – Session – Decisions pp. 41-55 Warsaw 2022 ”, Dr. André Biachi tells us about his activities.


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