June 8, 2023


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Android Auto will get more apps. On the road, incl. July

Android Auto will get integration with other applications in 2022, thanks to which it will become even more useful in the hands of drivers. Google announced this change in connection with CES 2022.

Android Auto Later this year, it will acquire more applications that will work on car screens. between them – July, a car-related expense tracking application, which is also popular in Poland. The creators announce that application support in Android Auto will appear in the “summer”, but unfortunately the most accurate dates do not fall.

You can read about the announced news on Official Google BlogWe learned that the creators of Android Auto have strengthened their collaboration with developers Lyft and Kakao Mobility to bring their drivers’ apps to the system. Additionally, in addition to the Fuelio mentioned above, Android Auto will also include apps such as MochiMochi and Prezzi Benzina.

At the same time, Google describes the expansion of the possibility of using Android smartphones as car keys for BMW cars. He says, in the future the car will unlock even without taking the phone out of the pocket, and the service will be offered in other UWB-equipped smartphones.

Google adds that the changes will also appear in cars that use the Google Assistant directly in their infotainment systems. Soon, you’ll be able to download additional apps, including YouTube, which you can use when you’re stationary.

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