Android Auto 11 will appeal to Samsung owners

Google has released a beta version of Android Auto 11. According to the changes detected, it should especially appeal to Samsung smartphone owners. Well, it has some noteworthy improvements to the interface.

Android Auto 11 with a surprise for Samsung users

We recently heard that according to one car manufacturer, Android Auto is dangerous. However, I suspect that this opinion is primarily due to the new policy of the company, which intends to abandon support for Google and Apple CarPlay. This is just a weak attempt to justify the decisions taken.

Most people will definitely not agree with this statement, because Android Auto allows them to easily and securely access specific applications in the car. So, without worrying about the negative opinions created by the marketing, let’s move on to the new features that the premium version offers 11.

Owners of Samsung smartphones who have decided to install the beta version of Android Auto 11 may notice changes in the appearance of application icons. This applies to both icons in the sidebar/bottom bar, as well as those displayed on the All Installed Apps screen. They don’t have the previous “circular” shape – it has been replaced by the “circular” style, which is identical to the One UI overlay. Moreover, some icons have not only the same shape, but also the entire appearance – for example, Settings or Phone.

In addition, the icons indicating signal strength and battery charge level have been changed. It probably won’t be surprising that they also look like icons on Samsung smartphones. This is definitely a step in the right direction, because Android Auto and the One UI overlay are now more visually consistent.

The new is also available on other smartphones, but…

Interestingly, the changes also apply to other smartphones. 9to5Google website Draws attentionAfter connecting the OPPO smartphone, more square app icons, characteristic of the ColorOS overlay, appeared on the Android Auto screen. However, it is unclear whether this will also work with smartphones and other overlays. It is possible that not all application icon shapes are supported.

Currently, status icons such as signal strength only change on Samsung smartphones. The changes found in the Android Auto code indicate that only devices from the South Korean manufacturer support these codes. Of course, this may change in the future.

Android Auto 11 is currently in beta testing. We recommend installing it only for people who want to verify the described changes. Please note that Beta Channel versions may contain bugs that negatively impact the use of Google Drive.

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