Android 15 and Samsung.  What phones will not receive the new system?

the most recent Android 15 update It will likely debut in its final form in the fall. The previous version of the system, Android 14, was launched in October. Therefore, it can be assumed that a new update will be released as well On a similar date.

Right now, some users can test the beta version Android 15. What’s new in the system? Upcoming jobs include:

  • improving satellite communications;
  • Improved NFC connectivity;
  • Private space function;
  • Application quarantine function;
  • Improved memory management system.
  • Lock screen widget customization feature;
  • Expanded location options.

Work is also underway on the One UI 7 interface prepared by the company Samsung. While the new updates will bring a lot of changes, that’s for sure Users of some of the Korean company’s smartphones will not benefit from it. These are models for which 4-year manufacturer support has already ended.

outlet Gizmo China published List of Samsung phones that will not receive the update Android 15. The listing in question was based on Samsung’s software update policy, which assumes 4 years of manufacturer support (in the case of new models, such as the Samsung Galaxy S24, support is extended to 7 years).

Here are the phones GizmoChina says They will not get the update to Android 15:

  • Galaxy S20 Ultra;
  • Galaxy S20+;
  • Galaxy S20 FE;
  • Older S Series devices;
  • Galaxy Z Fold 2;
  • Galaxy Z Flip 2;
  • Older Z Series devices;
  • Galaxy A72;
  • Galaxy A52;
  • Galaxy A52 5G;
  • Galaxy A52s 5G;
  • Galaxy A32;
  • Galaxy A32 5G;
  • Galaxy A22;
  • Galaxy A22 5G;
  • Galaxy A13 5G;
  • Galaxy A12;
  • Galaxy A12 nacho;
  • Galaxy A03;
  • Galaxy A03s;
  • Galaxy A03 Core;
  • Galaxy A02;
  • Galaxy A01 Core;
  • Older A-series devices launched before 2021;
  • Galaxy M04;
  • Galaxy M13;
  • Galaxy M13 5G;
  • Galaxy M53 5G;
  • Galaxy M33 5G;
  • Galaxy M23 5G;
  • Older M Series devices launched before 2022;
  • Galaxy F04;
  • Galaxy F13;
  • Galaxy F23 5G;
  • Older F Series devices launched before 2022.

Most importantly, this is not the final list. Sometimes it happens that a company offers additional support for specific devices. Moreover Update to Android 15 will not be available to Tablets: Galaxy Tab A8 10.5 (2021), Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, Galaxy Tab S7 FE and older devices launched before 2021.

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