Andrei and his grandmother will never forget this scene.  In the most famous movie, an animal lost its life

Andrzej Wajda is the director of Ashes. The production was set up in 1965, and one of the recorded scenes remains controversial to this day. Until recently, people wondered if the animal had actually died in the group.

The issue is back again due to the airing of the new episode of the game show “Millionaires”. It was then that a question was asked about the movie in which the horse was killed.

Andrzej Wajda and the controversy surrounding his film

Andrzej Wajda is one of the greatest Polish directors who has created many immortal works in his career. During his artistic activity, he was involved in many prominent scandals, and one of them returned to the media years later.

All thanks to one of the last episodes of “The Millionaires”. Then Hubert Urbański asked the participant about A movie in which a horse died. The presenter himself was surprised when he saw the answer.

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What happened to the horse in Ashes?

Ashes is one of Wadjda’s most appreciated works. The cast includes stars like Daniel Olbrychski or Beata Tyszkiewicz And many moviegoers return to the film on a regular basis.

The controversial scene, which stirred intense feelings for years, was recorded in Bulgaria, on one of the mountain slopes. This is where the moment was filmed The horse falls off the slope.

On we can read that Andrzej Żuławski, who was the second director of the film, once referred to the case. In one of the interviews, he allegedly stated that the animal, just before the scene was recorded, took a special drug that made it sleep a little.

Then there was a scene where The horse crashed down the hill. The animal bounced in front of more rocks, making sounds full of pain. Unfortunately, the horse’s death in the video was confirmed immediately.

Animal mortality on movie sets

The horse’s death scene in “Ashes” will not appear on digital copies of the production. It turned out that over time he was considered too wild and it was decided to abandon him.

Unfortunately, the drastic scene from “Ashes” is no exception. Once there was no technology that would allow creating special effects, several times I decided to take brutal steps. Andrzej Wajda’s horse wasn’t the only animal that suffered during the making of the movie.

Below you will see a fragment from the movie “Ashes”, in which the horse died. Be warned, however, that this scene is extremely violent.

look at the pictures:

Andre Wajda, Writing Lessons, Photo: KAPiF
Andrzej and Jeddah
Andrzej Wajda, 41st FFG, photo: KAPiF


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