And storm again.  He said it about the youth

YouTube/Pictured: Fr. Michael Woznicky

Lukas Wiczek

Controversial priest Michao Woniki has re-revealed himself. This time, during the sermon, he attacked the coach of the Polish ski jumpers, Tomas Thornbichler. Thunder from the pulpit, “This is disgusting.”

During his sermons, Michał Wannicki, a priest from Poznań, touches on several important – in his opinion – topics. Recently, he spoke critically about Saint’s favorite song, “Blessing”. John Paul II. Earlier, he explained to the faithful why the priest would give priority in the toilet over an old woman, whom Pope Benedict XVI called “a cowardly German”, and compared the Jews to parasites.

For these last words, the court sentenced him to six months of community service of 30 hours per month. The cleric often lays out controversial theses during sermons broadcast online. This time he focused on the appearance and behavior of the men.

He took the coach of the Polish ski jumpers, Tomas Thornbichler, as an example. – A pole wins the world championship, and the one who is happy with him, the coach: Here’s a tattoo, here’s a tattoo, – said Woźnicki, pointing to his hands. – You can’t look at him. miss out! – spat from the pulpit (registration at the bottom).

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– It’s disgusting, it’s just disgusting. Is this man? Added the former Salesian which was discontinued. He is forbidden to administer the sacraments and hold the liturgy. Proceedings are also underway to expel a controversial priest from the clergy’s jurisdiction.

Father Woźnicki criticized not only Thornbichler, but also the youth. – You must be fit, not like the guys we see today when we ride the tram. They get phlegm like that. When they smoke with drugs, they walk like a dog after a bitch – he added in a sermon broadcast on the Internet.

Thurnbichler has been the coach of the Polish ski jumpers since this season. The 33-year-old coach has his own style. His body is decorated with many tattoos, and he has tunnels in his ears. Thanks to him, Polish representatives are again on top of the world.

During the tirade, Woźnicki noted the success of Piotr Żyła, who defended his world champion title on the normal hill in Planica. Pole was 13th after the first run, but after a huge jump of 105 meters – a new record on the hill – he moved up to first place.

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