And everything is clear. awards went to them

In the Technology of the Year category, took home Perovskite Olga Malenkevich A technology that will revolutionize energy.

– I am very happy, because there is a chance that more people have heard about this advanced technology, perovskite cells – said Olga Malenkevich, receiving the figurine.

Category Award Booksy Company of the Year Award – To collect and skillfully build a business.

– This award underscores our belief in the need to do business in an open, modern and unconventional way – said Łukasz Szymak, Country Director of Booksy.

According to, Zbigniew Jagiełło became the man of the year – For many years of stability of the Polish banking sector.

– Thank you very much for the award. I don’t know if it can be obtained more than once, but I will try to get another one – said Zbigniew Jagiełło, former head of PKO BP, upon receiving the figurine. – This award is a tribute to the employees of PKO BP Bank – said Zbigniew Jagiełło.

The award committee decides to choose Person of the Year, Company of the Year and Technology of the Year.

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The editorial office of, in turn, awards special prizes. – This decision was not easy, but life writes different scenarios. In September, when we were wondering who should be rewarded, another wrote – with such an introduction, Piotr Pilewski, editor-in-chief of, announced that The special prize was awarded to DocPlanner and Mariusz Gralewski. Recall: DocPlanner became the first Polish unicorn, a startup worth over $1 billion.

See also: The third edition of the awards. The jury decided

Chapter of the . award It consists of heads of the largest Polish companies, experienced managers, as well as representatives of the editorial office of and Wirtualna Polska. This year they Henrika Buchenarz – Leviathan Confederation, Bowie Boris – head of the Polish Development Fund, Bartosz Siukowski – CEO of Mastercard Europe Polska, Marcin Grzymkowski – Yuboy, Piotr Mieśnik – WP Editor-in-Chief, Joanna Pollack – Head of WP Media, Lasik Skiba – President of Pekao Bank SA, Jacek Schwedersky – CEO of Wirtualna Polska Holding, Christian Wallack – Effect, Peter Belowsky, editor-in-chief of


About Impact’21, Piotr Pilewski, Editor-in-Chief of, said during the award ceremony – that this place not only brings people together from the business world, but also creates trust.

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