An unsuccessful film from 30 years ago still earns hundreds of thousands of dollars today.  An interesting achievement for Capcom

Capcom will praiseł˙ brings profits to the company. The show was collected for the first showing. Average ratings at best, but seems to have a loyal fan base.

The news was reported by Stroke. service Robot, leaning against each other based on reports from a meeting with investors organized by Capcom in June. As we read, one of the company representatives will betray… “Continuous production” “earns tens of millions of yen every year.” It is true that the number is not very accurate, but we can assume that it is at least $100,000 per year.

It’s explosive and amazing.Watch on YouTube

Is this what I want to know if it is pure? The production remains available for purchase or rental on streaming platforms Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV. It is possible that fans of the series will return regularly. To the classic show about the premiere of subsequent episodes of the Street Fighter series, which are already available on the market rather often.

You know, it’s a surprise anyway, because the film’s reviews are not very encouraging. To the show. The events of the film revolve around Colonel Guili (Jean-Claude Van Damme), who tries…to rescue&caut; The group is hostage in the midst of an Asian civil war, and that day may happen " He will praise&caut; Score of 4.1 points out of 10 on the website IMDb website.

This movie is basically almost… A two-hour “fan service” segment of fan themes and the participation of almost all the characters from the Street Fighter universe” – we read in one of the reviews. It is interesting that according to the data of the mentioned site, the premiere of the film was very successful in financial terms. At the global level, it was a blockbuster success. It earned ć about 100 million US dollars and a budget of 35 million US dollars .

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