An unfortunate accident by Lewandowski.  Michael Jordan can [WIDEO] baek nothing

Robert Lewandowski Take part in the 90’s challenge. The fun was answering as many questions as possible in just 90 seconds. The recording, which is already very popular, was published by the official channel F.C.B on youtube. Other players also participate in the challenge F.C.Bbut they consequences They are saved and placed in a special order.

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Lewandowski and Salidzic under the toilet. unique shots

Robert Lewandowski on the fire of questions

Lewandowski faced various questions from netizens: from those about their favorite song or the NBA team, through options such as: rain or snow, red or blue, to questions related to purely football. The first surprise was that the Polish striker spent a lot of time thinking about the answer to the question about the FC Barcelona match, to which he is eagerly looking forward. However, upon thinking, there was no further surprise. Robert’s bet on the Clasico with Real Madrid.

When asked which goal he remembers best, he did not mention any, but he did remember his famous achievement against Wolfsburg in the 2015/2016 season. Of course we are talking about 5 goals scored in 9 minutes. On the other hand, when he was about to enter a must-see in Barcelona, ​​he pointed to the Camp Nou without hesitation.

Lewandowski and an accident with Michael Jordan

Lewandowski also had a real gaffe. He was asked who was the best basketball player in the NBA and he replaced LeBron James. Immediately after that, the question was: “Who is the best Barcelona player in history?” And the Polish replied… Michael. Perhaps he kept his opinion on the previous question and wanted to change his choice to Michael Jordan. However, the situation turned into a joke.

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The result of the former Bayern Munich player in this challenge is not knocking his knees. Lewandowski only managed to answer 20 questions. Only three Barcelona players were worse than him. The leaders of the ranking at the moment are Pedri and Ansu Fati. Two young players answered 31 questions.

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