An official statement was issued after the scandal of Brazil and Argentina.  Search for soccer players soccer

Players managed to play less than 2 minutes Brazil And Argentina in the match 2022 World Cup exit. Immediately after the referee’s first whistle, the policemen ran to the field with the representatives of the Brazilian Saniped (Anfisa).

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“I hope Paulo Sousa does not fall in love with the ugly win”

Unusual scenes during the Brazil-Argentina match

Football players playing in clubs with Premier LeagueReferred to as Emiliano Martinez and Emiliano Buendia (both Aston Villa(Oraz Christian Romero and Gio Lo Celso)Tottenham Hotspur). The situation is incomprehensible because before the start of the match it was informed (eg on TNT Sports TV) that all the mentioned players will be allowed grê with representational colors Argentina.

scandal in st. world Cup! Sanibed boycotted the Brazil-Argentina match. He wants to send four players off

The referees suspended Sunday’s match and the Argentine players went to the dressing room. Some players, including Brazilians, stayed on the field to learn more from representatives of the Brazilian Sanitary and Epidemiology Station. After several minutes of confusion, the match was officially halted and will take place at a different date. The exact date is not yet known.

The Brazil-Argentina match was suspended. Statement from the Brazilian Sanitary and Epidemiological Station

On the official Brazilian website sanepidu A statement came about all confusion.

After the information that four Argentine players entered Brazil in violation of the national health regulations, and claimed that they were declaring false information in the official form of the Brazilian health authority, Anvisa (the National Health Monitoring Agency) met with representatives of the Ministry of Health and the Coordination of Disease Control. At the Sao Paulo State Department of Health on Saturday (September 4).

Following the meeting with the health authorities, it was confirmed, after reviewing the passports of the four participating athletes, that the athletes had not respected the entry rule for travelers into Brazilian territory, as stipulated in Ministerial Order No. 655 of 2021, which states that foreign travelers who have traveled Through Great Britain, South Africa, Northern Ireland and India in the last 14 days entering Brazil.

The players involved have announced that they have not played in any of the four banned countries in the past 14 days. Travelers to Brazil came by plane from Caracas/Venezuela to Guarulhos. However, unofficial news from Anvisa indicates that these are false statements by travelers.

In light of this news, the agency immediately notified the National Health Surveillance Strategic Information Center (Cievs/MS), which coordinates the Cievs network responsible for epidemiological investigation, with the state of São Paulo and the municipality of Guarulhos in order to investigate the matter. She continued as well. After confirming that the information provided by the travelers was false, Anfisa clarified that she had already informed the Federal Police of this fact so that immediate action could be taken within the police authority.

There is a notorious non-compliance with Interministerial Order 655/2021 and Brazilian immigration control laws. Anvisa considers this situation to be a serious health risk and has therefore advised local health authorities to immediately quarantine players who have been prohibited from participating in any activity and must be prohibited from remaining in Brazil under the terms of the Art. 11 of Federal Law 6.437/1977.

Alexander LukashenkaAlexander Lukashenka warns: you will pay back the money you spent!

At the moment, it is not yet clear whether the Argentine players may be subject to additional penalties.

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