An interactive map of the universe available from the browser level

The map has been created It is the result of over 15 years of research and material collection as part of the project Sloan Digital Sky Survey. However, its main purpose is not to enable a hypothetical journey toward Jupiter or Saturn – the scale is much larger in this case. For example, the Milky Way is just a small pixel at the bottom of the screen on a map. Everything else passed 200 thousand other place is not like much Our landHow many full galaxies.

User can visit With the help of the map Part of the universe visible to humanity, going back in time. Moving along the red deviation (that is, further and further) you can reach the first flash emitted by the so-called. the great explosion. This happened 13.7 billion years ago, drawing boundaries at the same time.

At first glance, the map may be confusing for the average user, because the black space is filled with a huge number of dots of different colors. They do not symbolize specific planets or stars, but entire galaxies. If you want to show individual objects, the image will be completely illegible.

Only the Milky Way It is home to billions of stars, and the same is true of galaxies or other groups of objects in space. Thus, a map of the visible universe is more symbolic than practical, which is the case with traditional graphic images showing, for example, parts of the Earth.

scientists responsible for map of the universe By creating it for ordinary people, they wanted to show how small we are, with the ability to study and process such huge information. Behind the countless points, there is more, computed in values ​​that no one outside the realm of science uses on a daily basis.

Interactive map of the universe Unfortunately, it does not allow you to select a specific point that symbolizes the galaxy and, for example, learn more about its composition or other information. However, this is not its goal. This figure was supposed to show the vastness in terms of the number of objects and time – after all, one movement of the mouse wheel takes us back 200 million years, and The maximum is set at approximately 14 … billion.

Sloan Digital Sky Survey It is a sky survey program of scientific interest. As already mentioned, it was created thanks to him The map in question. However, this is not the only impact of working on SDSS, as it has been in operation since 2000, The project contributed much more to human knowledge of the universe.

SDSS is conducted in stages, The first spanned from 2000 to 2005The last one started in 2014 and ended in 2020. During this time, it has surveyed about 25% of the sky, identifying 930,000 galaxies and more than 120,000 galaxies. Quasars – compact sources of continuous electromagnetic radiation.

Forty institutions from around the world are collaborating with the project, though the main research and observations were made using the telescope at the Apache Point Observatory in New Mexico. Some of the discoveries made by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey include: This is Sloane’s Great Wall One of the largest structures in the universe.

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