An enthusiastic crowd for the Great National Day Show

A particularly enthusiastic crowd awaited the artists at the Grand Féd National at Maisonneuve Park in Montreal on Monday evening.

Fleurdelyse in hand, the audience chanted General de Gaulle’s famous phrase “Long Live Free Quebec!” chanted occasionally, displaying a formidable energy worthy of the Stanley Cup Finals.

title We have a chancePierre-Yves Lord once again hosted the High Mass in tribute to Quebec monument Jean-Pierre Ferland, who died on April 27, when he would have celebrated his 90th year.e Birthday is Monday.

Photo Agent QMI, Mario BEAUREGARD

“It seems that the little king has never really aged. […] Her voice is like a hug placed on her chords,” the evening host underlined before giving way to artist Judy Richards, who opened this part of the show. No two songs are alikePatsy Gallant (little king), diet (I am coming back home) and Le Vent du Nord by Eleonore Lagasse (Change your organization)

As for the honor of performing the evening’s title song, it went to former academic Queenie, who belted out this iconic love ballad hand-in-hand.

Photo Agent QMI, Mario BEAUREGARD

A block is allocated 80s and disco in French, reviving dance hits Sugar Daddy, Dancer Dancer, Fungistation and Aimer D’Amour, For their part, they got the audience dancing as the sun went down in Maisonneuve Park near the Olympic Stadium.

Photo Agent QMI, Mario BEAUREGARD

“Hi Carl”

A brief segment dedicated to the late leader of the Cowboys Fringeants was placed at the end of the show. The audience, of course, screamed and danced with joy from the first notes Merchant Navy.

“Long will we hear your echo,” interrupted Pierre-Yves Lord, pushing the note. I will go wherever you go With Eleanor Lagasse after the TV taping, he pushed the energy of the crowd to its peak.

Photo Agent QMI, Mario BEAUREGARD

This second part of the webcast concert was the most exciting part of the evening.

FouKi performed his songs there Papillon And iPhoneBut Hawaiian, Three Treatises, with Eleonore Lacasse.

For her part, Roxane Bruneau, discreet during the TV taping, made the crowd shout that she must. Pieces of you And everywhere. The crowd also sang loudly with Kanen, who accompanied him on his ukulele, on his way Your nerves in a canoe.

The Grand Spectacle de la Fête National featured Claude Dubois and Daniel Lavoie, who respectively performed several hits from their compositions. Like a million people And I want to visit New York.

Benoît McGinnis, spokesman for the Féd National du Québec, who delivered a patriotic speech Sunday evening in the Plains of Abraham, appeared briefly for an explanation of Monday evening’s episode. Heart of my life.

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