An amazing achievement by Nikola Grbic!  He equaled Andrea Anastasi’s achievement

After defeating Serbia 3-1 on Tuesday in the quarterfinals of the European Men’s Volleyball Championship, the Polish national team has already reached the medal zone of the tournament. What is noteworthy is the amazing achievement made by the coach of the Whites and Reds, Nikola Grbic.

This is the fourth major tournament that Grbic has participated in as our team coach and the fourth time that we have played in the medal district. The Serbian has been working with the Whites and Reds since 2022. First, he took the bronze medal in the Nations League, then he and the Poles reached the final of the World Championship, where the Italians turned out to be better. This year, the Serbian coach, who turned 50 on September 6, won the Nations League with our team. In the fourth consecutive tournament, the European Championship, he again reached the top four.

Among all the coaches of our national team, Andrea Anastasi can be proud of such an achievement so far. The Italian led our team in 2011-2013. First, he took bronze in the World League and European Championships, then added silver in the World Cup. In 2012, he led Poland to a historic victory in the World League.

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Neither Vital Heinen nor Stefan Antiga had such a streak. They both won World Championships and a number of other medals with our team. In addition to the 2018 World Cup gold, the Belgian added a bronze and a silver medal in the Nations League (2019 and 2021), two bronze medals in the European Championships (2019, 2021) and a silver medal in the World Cup (2019). ). In addition to his memorable victory at the 2014 World Cup, the Frenchman also won a bronze medal at the 2015 World Cup.

With his debut in the Polish national team, Grbic “outperformed” the aforementioned two and Adil Anastasi, but he could also point to Daniel Castellani, who won the European Championship in Turkey with the Whites and Reds in 2009. This is the only victory of our team in the history of this competition so far.

Poland will compete in the final of the competition on the Old Continent on Thursday against Slovenia. in version for Android and iOS phones!

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