Amy Jo Johnson of POWER RANGERS commented on her absence from the Netflix anniversary production

Soon we will be watching a special anniversary episode on Netflix power RangersAnd in which some of the cast from the original series will return. in Power Rangers Mighty Morphin: Once and Always It will appear, among others, Emmanuel Jones (the original black fighter), David Yost (the original blue fighter), Katherine Sutherland (the second pink fighter), Steve Cardenas (the second red fighter), Karan Ashley (the second yellow fighter) and Johnny Yong Bosch (the second black fighter). However, there will be no Amy Jo Johnston, who played Kimberly – the first pink warrior in the original series.

On Twitter, the actress decided to cut short the rumors and explain the reason for her absence from the episode. By the way, she referred to Jason David Frank, who died a few months ago, and in whom he played power Rangers To a green and white warrior.

Please stop saying I didn’t participate because of the money – that’s not true. Maybe I didn’t want to wear spandex when I was over 50, or I couldn’t go to New Zealand for a month. This is nobody’s business. JDF and I decided not to do this for our own reasons. The footage was filmed before his death. But I’m excited to see my guys!

This past January, Johnson wrote that she “didn’t turn down, just turned down what was offered to her.”

In this special episode, the Power Rangers will face a familiar threat from the past, and new events will remind them that if you become a warrior, you are forever.

The episode will air on April 19.

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