American forces in Ukraine.  A clear statement from Joe Biden

– We fully respect President Macron’s prerogatives and his right to express his views on what is happening in Ukraine and how, why and to what extent the French people will support Ukraine. At the same time, as President of the United States, he expressed his own view: We will not send soldiers. Kirby said that the president made it clear from the beginning that we are not looking for a third world war, a war with Russia, answering during an online press conference a question about Biden’s opinion of President Macron’s statements about the possibility of sending Western forces to Syria. Ukraine.

Continued article below the video

Biden is going to Paris. The war in Ukraine is the main topic

Macron has stressed several times in recent months that he does not rule out sending troops, arguing that deterring Russia must also include ensuring that Moscow is not sure what the West will do.

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