February 4, 2023


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American Football Association.  Henry Rouges caused a fatal accident.  He was under the influence of alcohol

American Football Association. Henry Rouges caused a fatal accident. He was under the influence of alcohol

Until recently, the Ruggs played in the NFL, the best American football league in the world. He was recruited in 2020 and played 13 games in the junior season. In the new season, he played in the next seven games and it looks like he’s had a great career ahead, but it’s already known that we probably won’t see him on the pitch anymore. The 22-year-old was arrested in connection with a tragic accident that he caused while under the influence of alcohol.

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Henry’ego Riggsa cars

On November 2, there was a tragedy. At 3:39 a.m. near Las Vegas, Henry Roggs caused an accident in which his car collided with another vehicle. A 23-year-old woman who was driving a Toyota was killed instantly as her car caught fire, while the Chevy driver and his partner were seriously injured. They were immediately taken to the hospital, where they were given assistance.

Surprising reports indicate that Henri Rouge was supposed to travel at a speed of about 251 km / h, while shortly before the collision he tried to brake. At the time of the collision, his car should have had a speed of 204 km / h, which could prevent Roggs and his partner from dying on the spot.

23-year-old Tina Tentour, who was seriously injured at the time of the collision, died. Her car caught fire and the woman was unable to leave after the accident. Tentour was killed on the spot before the police arrived. The services ran a series of tests that showed Ruggs had 1.6 per mile of alcohol in his blood. This is twice what US law allows.

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In light of these reports, everything indicates that Henry Riggs’ sports career is over. Even if he manages to negotiate a lower sentence and several years in prison, it is hard to expect any of the clubs would want to be associated with a player with such a past. It’s hard to expect Riggs to be out on the field in an NFL game again.

The Las Vegas Raiders, the former club of Henry Rogers, issued a statement announcing the player’s immediate dismissal and expressing their deep sorrow at the 23-year-old’s death. The football player himself was immediately taken to the hospital after the accident, but his life was not in danger. The first hearing in a crime case committed by the 22-year-old has already taken place.

To date, it was decided to detain the former NFL player, and the court set bail at 150 thousand. dollar. For this type of crime in Nevada, he faces imprisonment of between two and twenty years. In light of the tragic consequences of his accident, it is difficult to expect the court to decide the slightest sentence. Ruggs will likely spend the next several years in prison.