Amber Heard’s Twitter account has been deactivated

Amber Heard’s Twitter account was deactivated days after Elon Musk took the stage.

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Tesla’s CEO’s acquisition of the social network for $44 billion was finalized last week. It has since implemented significant changes, including disbanding its board of directors, firing senior executives, hiring Tesla employees and announcing an $8-a-month tax to earn the blue check mark that certifies verified user accounts.

Since Wednesday, according to YouTuber Matthew Lewis, also known as That Umbrella Guy, the movie star’s account Son of the sea disappeared. “Amber Heard deleted her Twitter,” he shared. The YouTuber posted a screenshot of Heard’s Twitter handle @RealAmberHeard with the following message: “This account does not exist”.

Why Amber Heard would have deactivated her account and the circumstances surrounding the deactivation are unknown. She is the latest celebrity to disappear from the stage during the week, following singers Toni Braxton and Sara Bareilles and TV producer Shonda Rhimes.

Following her divorce from actor Johnny Depp, Amber Heard dated Elon Musk between 2016 and 2018. She lost a defamation case against the actor in the film series Pirates of the Caribbean In June. Elon Musk was scheduled to testify during the trial, but ultimately was not called as a witness.

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