Amazon rocked it.  Baseus power bank with a capacity of 26800 mAh and power up to 65 W at a price that is unattainable in Polish electronics stores.  Something tells me this is going to be a success

20 June 2024, at 20:18

The festival season can be considered to have begun. People going to these type of events should consider purchasing a Baseus power bank with a capacity of up to 26,800 mAh.

Summer is already in full swing. This kicks off the festival season, where we can enjoy several days of great live music. Of course, this brings some inconvenience – if you decide to sleep in a tent, you will have limited access to electricity. With the current battery life of phones, this is very important.

Fortunately, power banks come to our rescue and save us in such situations. Thanks to them, you can charge all necessary devices.

Get this powerful power bank at a great price

26,800 mAh capacity for rescue in the field

One of the leading power bank manufacturers in the market is Baseus. It offers a number of models with different parameters. In fact, everyone will find something for themselves. In the event that electricity is not accessible in the long term, capacity is certainly the most important element. Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at the model Equipped with a 26800 mAh cell.

Source: Baseus

Source: Baseus

To facilitate operation, the model I am describing has an integrated display that displays, among other things, the charging speed and how much battery we have left. Therefore, we can easily estimate how long the power hidden in the power bank will last. Speaking of which, let me mention that as well Baseus Ambilight is capable of charging other devices with a power of up to 65W.

Baseus Powerbank will provide you with power for long hours

Of course, the output ports are also an important element. This model has five outputs (USB-C and four “standard” USB) and three inputs (USB-C, micro-USB and IP). So you can easily connect almost anything to it – phone, laptop or digital camera. So it is ideal for outdoor use.

The price that encourages you to buy

Price is also an important element of this entire package. Yes, this model is not the cheapest, but it will not burden our wallet too much. Currently, you can get it on for PLN 199. The Baseus Ambilight power bank is therefore over PLN 100 cheaper than the offers available in Polish electronics stores.

Żródło: Passos

Żródło: Passos

So it is worth deciding to buy. Even if you don’t go to festivals, it can still come in handy when traveling (I’ve found many times that a power bank can save you when you least expect it).

Powerbank Baseus on

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