Amazing ways to turn Mars into a second Earth

The colonization process of the red planet Transforming it into a second, life-giving Earth would not be a simple task and could take hundreds or even thousands of years. Scientists and private companies want to start working now to adapt Mars to the relatively normal life of biological organisms as quickly as possible.

In recent years, many interesting ideas have appeared to achieve these goals. Admittedly, they are all amazing and absolutely gorgeous. These will be the most advanced and, at the same time, painful mission in human history and history space exploration.

Elon Musk Several years ago, she was announcing the transformation of Mars into a second Earth. He does not hide that he would like to transform humanity into an interplanetary civilization as quickly as possible. Its most important goal is to establish the first colony on Mars. He wants to do it with the most powerful player in human history, built by SpaceX The teleportation system is called Starship.

One of the ideas is to create an artificial idea The magnetic field around the red planet. Why is it so important? Because Mars, from a planet similar to Earth and endowed with life, has become a barren desert with harsh environmental conditions for biological life.

Billions of years ago it was quite different. At that time, the planet had a magnetosphere, like Earth. It protects the surface from cosmic radiation or the solar wind and allows it to additionally maintain the atmosphere Protects from UV rays.

Unfortunately, the unknown processes occurring inside the planet led, in essence, to the disappearance of the geomagnetic field and the fading of the planet. That is why his scholars suggested Creating an artificial magnetosphere around Mars By means of an artificial ring of charged particles. It sounds unbelievable, but it seems more cosmic in its creation. Well, scientists suggest using one of the moons of the Red Planet to carry out this process. It is located around Phobos, the largest of the moons.

Scientists want to extract the material from the surface and transfer it to the orbit of the Martian moon. Then the plasma torus forms along the orbit of Phobos. The magnetic field will start Protection against cosmic weather Not only the moon itself, but also Mars. This process will start changing the red planet into another terrestrial planet.

While scientists have not stated how they want to achieve this, it is no secret that the ejection of matter was possible with a nuclear strike on the surface of Phobos. This is where Elon Musk will enter the game with his Starships. Appropriately Strong nuclear bombardment on the surface It should ionize the material and cause Mars to gain a magnetic field. Later, the atmosphere will also thicken and humanity will finally be able to start turning Mars into a second Earth.

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It’s not the only cool thing The concept of reclaiming Mars. Another is the use of silicate air gel. Ergil It is a kind of solid foam with a very low density, its mass consists of 90-99.8% air, the rest is a porous material that creates its structure. However, this outwardly subtle structure is deceptive, because the material is highly resistant to compression and expansion, withstands pressure on a smooth surface 4,000 times its weight, and, if made of silica, stable up to a temperature of 1,200 degrees Celsius.

Harvard scientists have found that with its help you can change the harsh conditions on Mars. It was very different, but Mars is now a desert with the only water preserved in the polar ice caps and underwater salt lakes. We cannot forget the rarefied atmosphere where oxygen is medicine, Extremely low temperatures Zero protection against solar radiation.

It turns out that a thin layer of 2-3 cm of antenna is enough to make Heating the surface by 50, so if we choose the right places, it means raising the temperature of the Mars fragments to -10 ℃. It will still be low, but these are not temperatures we can no longer tolerate. According to scientists, this should allow the water in these areas to remain in a liquid state all year round, which, combined with constant access to sunlight, should be sufficient for plants Perform photosynthesis.

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The US military itself has more interesting projects to turn Mars into a second Earth. Since many futurists believe that it may not be possible to create ideal conditions for humans there, instead of changing the Red Planet, we must adapt humans and biological beings to this planet. Biotechnologists suggest genetic modification people and earthly creatures. look annoying?

DARPA, operating in the Pentagon, announced that it has pioneering biotechnology that allows you to make important changes not only on Earth, but also in space. Thanks Genetic engineering and synthetic biologyDARPA wants to transform the genes of organisms on our planet and thus create entirely new creations. Then the agency would like to use specially genetically modified organisms to turn Mars into a second Earth.

Modified creatures will be able to adapt to new harsh conditions, as was the case with the evolution of our planet. but that is not all. Scientists also want to modify people themselves. Here is a suggestion to take advantage of the benefits, for example CRISPR/Cas9 . Methods and its successors. with their help and laboratory methodsWe will be able to improve the genomes of astronauts so that they do not suffer as much as possible from the effects of deep space travel and their future descendants permanently residing on Mars.

NASA scientists are also considering using technology developed by scientists from Australia. It is located around the so-called The elixir of youth, that is, the predecessor of NAD + (NMN)Which causes cell renewal in living organisms. The mice tests were successful and are now being carried out successfully in humans. The experiments also focus on using the powerful abilities of tardigrades, which can survive decades in harsh conditions, even in space.

Recently, NASA also reported the discovery of neurons responsible for hibernation. In the course of the experiments conducted, mice were put into hibernation with the help of stimulation of Q . neurons. Rodents have decreased body temperature and metabolism. Importantly, when the mice returned to normal functions, no side effects that artificially created this condition were observed, namely, no damage to the brain or other organs was detected.

The scientists also identified the brain cells responsible for the resting state. they Artificial stimulation is supposed to have a calming effect and reduce the performance of the body. NASA experts have no doubt that the new discoveries about hibernation will be useful on the long trips of UFOs crossing the solar system.

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